10 Facts about Castles

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If you are curious about the building mostly constructed during the medieval era, check Facts about Castles. The main function of the castle was as the residential building for kings and nobility.  In the medieval era, the land in Europe was occupied under the control of lord and princess. To make sure that their land was safe from the intruders, they built the large castle made of stone surrounding the land.

Facts about Castles 1: the original construction of castle

At first, castles were made of timber and wood. In the later years, people began to use stone as the main material for strong castles.

Facts about Castles 2: the place to build the castle

If you check the famous castles in the world, most of them were built on the top of the hill. You can find out the natural landscape around the castle.



Facts about Castles 3: the features of castles

If you look at the pictures of the castles made in Europe, each of them is unique. But they have similarities that you can find out on the features and designs.

Facts about Castles 4: the curtain wall

The curtain wall is one of the main features to find out inside the castle. This wall is equipped with walkway. It can be seen around the castle.

Castles Beauty

Castles Beauty

Facts about Castles 5: other features

Other interesting features that you can find on the castle include the keep or the large tower, a moat, battlements, gatehouse, and arrow slits.

Facts about Castles 6: Malbork Castle

Teutonic Knights established Malbork Castle in 1274 in Poland. Based on the surface area of the castle, it is called as the largest castle.

Facts about Castles

Facts about Castles

Facts about Castles 7: Tower of London

In 1066, Tower of London was constructed. William the Conqueror started the construction of the largest white tower in 1078. The tower was used for various purposes throughout the history. It was used as armory, treasury, royal palace and prison. Get facts about Bran Castle here.

Facts about Castles 8: Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is not a new castle. It is still used as the main residential building for the royal family of England. It was built when William the Conqueror became the English ruler.



Facts about Castles 9: Cite de Carcassonne

If you want to know the well known castle made in France, check Cite de Carcassonne. The Romans started its construction. Find out Facts about Carrickfergus Castle here.

Facts about Castles 10: other famous castles

Other famous castles in the world include Leeds Castle, Spis Castle, Chateau Gaillard and Hohensalzburg Castle.

Castles Facts

Castles Facts

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