10 Facts about Cenozoic Era

Wednesday, November 11th 2015. | History

Facts about Cenozoic Era inform you with the period which began 65 million years ago until this present day. It is considered as the most current of the 3 Phanerozoic geological eras. It was taken from the Greek word which means new life in English.  Many experts like to call this era as the Age of Mammals.  The name is picked because the mammals have the opportunity to diversify after the extinction of various groups. Here are some interesting facts about Cenozoic era below:

Facts about Cenozoic Era 1: the earlier time in Cenozoic era

The small animals dominated the beginning part of the Cenozoic era. There are various small amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Find bird facts here.

Facts about Cenozoic Era 2: the diversification

It is very easy for the birds and mammals to diversify themselves because of the extinction of large reptiles during the Mesozoic era.

Cenozoic Era Animals

Cenozoic Era Animals

Facts about Cenozoic Era 3: the terror birds

Due to the extinctions of the large reptiles, there were various flightless birds which grew bigger. They had the size larger than the size of human body.  There were the formidable predators called as the terror birds. Get facts about Carnotaurus here.

Facts about Cenozoic Era 4: the growth of mammals

Both terrestrial and marine areas were inhabited by mammals. Some of them had giant body that people could not see in the common mammals today.

Cenozoic Era Facts

Cenozoic Era Facts

Facts about Cenozoic Era 5: the subdivisions of Cenozoic era

The Cenozoic era is subdivided in three periods. Those are the Paleogene, Neogene, and Quaternary. In June 2009, International Commission recognized the Quaternary period on Stratigraphy. In 2004, the former Tertiary Period was not used any more.

Facts about Cenozoic Era 6: the epochs

There are seven epochs in the subdivisions of Cenozoic era. Those include Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene, and Holocene.

Facts about Cenozoic Era

Facts about Cenozoic Era

Facts about Cenozoic Era 7: the importance usage epochs

The epochs in the Cenozoic era are very important to decide. It will be easier for the paleontologists to classify and organize the important events in this era.

Facts about Cenozoic Era 8: Paleocene

Paleocene occurred around 65 to 55 million years ago.  The recovery of earth was seen in the beginning of Paleocene. The continents in the world which included India were already separated. They came in the modern shape.

Cenozoic Era Pic

Cenozoic Era Pic

Facts about Cenozoic Era 9: Paleogene

If you want to know the significant events which occurred around 66 million years ago, you have to check Paleogene. It occurred since the dinosaur’s extinction.

Facts about Cenozoic Era 10: the epochs of Paleogene

There were three epochs that Paleogene has. Those were Paleocene, Eocene and Oligocene.

Cenozoic Era

Cenozoic Era

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