10 Facts about Charles Lyell

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the British lawyer and geologist on Facts about Charles Lyell. He was called as the first Baronet. Lyell was born on November 14th, 1797 and died on February 22nd, 1875. During his day, he was considered as the famous geologist.  Find out more interesting facts about Lyell below;

Facts about Charles Lyell 1: Principles of Geology

Principles of Geology were written by Lyell. Uniformitarians are the concept made of James Hutton. Due to his book, Lyell made this concept popular. Moreover, the theory of Georges Cuvier was challenged by the book of Lyell.

Facts about Charles Lyell 2: what is Uniformitarianism?

Do you know the definition of Uniformitarianism? It speaks the idea that our planet, earth was formed by the similar processes. They are still operated today. Get facts about Charles Goodyear here.

Charles Lyell Pictures

Charles Lyell Pictures

Facts about Charles Lyell 3: the scientific contribution

Lyell had given various scientific contributions during his life. He created the theory of gradual back up building of volcanoes. He also talked about earthquake explanation.

Facts about Charles Lyell 4: the contribution in stratigraphy and geology

The terms for geological eras that people used today were coined and divided by Lyell. The eras included Cenozoic, Mesozoic, and Paleozoic. He also coined the division of tertiary period in stratigraphy which included Eocene, Miocene and Pliocene.

Charles Lyell Image

Charles Lyell Image

Facts about Charles Lyell 5: the age of earth

Can you guess the age of earth? It is not easy to do it. Actually Charles Lyell was one of the first people who believed that earth had the age older than 300 million years old.

Facts about Charles Lyell 6: Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin who was famous with his theory of evolution was a close friend of Charles Lyell. Find facts about Charles Darwin here.

Charles Lyell Facts

Charles Lyell Facts

Facts about Charles Lyell 7: the date and place of birth

Lyell was born in Scotland on 14 November 1797. There were 10 kids in the family and he was the eldest one.

Facts about Charles Lyell 8: the father of Lyell

His father was Charles Lyell. He worked as a lawyer. But he had a minor repute as a botanist. The young Lyell was interested to study nature due to his father’s interest.

Facts about Charles Lyell

Facts about Charles Lyell

Facts about Charles Lyell 9: the childhood time

He spent most of his childhood time living in New Forest, England. In 1816, he went to Exeter College, Oxford. In 1819, he got BA. In 1921, he got M.A.

Facts about Charles Lyell 10: the placed named after him

There are various places in the world named after Lyell. Those include Lyell Glacier, Lyell in New Zealand, Mount Lyell in Canada, Mount Lyell in Tasmania, Lyell Canyon, and Mount Lyell in California.

Charles Lyell

Charles Lyell

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