10 Facts about Colonial Delaware

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Facts about Colonial Delaware will make you learn the American history. The colony comprises the area located on the west back of Delaware River Bay. Lenape occupied the land in the beginning of 17th century.  Colonial Delaware was included in Middle Colonies in North America. The reports also believed that Assateague tribes of Native Americans also occupied the land. Get other interesting facts about Colonial Delaware below:

Facts about Colonial Delaware 1: the first settlers in Colonial Delaware

The Swedes and the Dutch were the first European settlers. In 1664, the British land of Colonial Delaware was under the control of Britain.

Facts about Colonial Delaware 2: as a part of Pennsylvania

In 1682 until 1701, Colonial Delaware was included as a part of Pennsylvania. All ties with Pennsylvania and England were cut down after the voting of Delaware Assembly. Actually until 1776, Pennsylvania and Delaware still shared the similar governor.

Colonial Delaware Life

Colonial Delaware Life

Facts about Colonial Delaware 3: the exploration

The Dutch ship, Halve Maen made the first exploration in the land that people recognized as Delaware Valley. The ship explored the valley in 1609 led by Henry Hudson.

Facts about Colonial Delaware 4: the mapping

The mapping on Delaware area was conducted by Cornelius May in 1613 and Cornelius Hendricksen in 1614.

Colonial Delaware Farming

Colonial Delaware Farming

Facts about Colonial Delaware 5: purchasing the land for a colony

The land was attempted to be colonized after Gillis Hossitt and Jacob Jansz from Dutch West India Company tried to buy the land for a colony from the Native American people.

Facts about Colonial Delaware 6: Zwaanendael Colony

The land was occupied by Zwaanendael Colony in 1631. The present day Lewes Creek is considered as the first settlement in Delaware.

Colonial Delaware Facts

Colonial Delaware Facts

Facts about Colonial Delaware 7: Province of Maryland

Delaware was an incorporated county in Province of Maryland in 1669 until 1672. Find facts about American culture here.

Facts about Colonial Delaware 8: The Mason-Dixon Line

There was dispute in the court between the Calvert and Penn families related to the land of Delaware. Delaware was given to Pennsylvania based on the Mason-Dixon Line.

Colonial Delaware Map

Colonial Delaware Map

Facts about Colonial Delaware 9: William Penn

William Penn was the Quaker owner of Pennsylvania. The land that we know as Delaware today was owned by William Penn too.

Facts about Colonial Delaware 10: King Charles II

In 1681, King Charles II granted William Penn with the province of Pennsylvania. He also earned Delaware. Get facts about American government here.

Colonial Delaware Pictures

Colonial Delaware Pictures

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