10 Facts about Conflict in Belfast

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Facts about Conflict in Belfast talk about the ethno nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland. The common name for this conflict is the Troubles. It took place in the end of 20th century. In the end of 1960s, the conflict in Belfast occurred. In 1998, the conflict was put into an end due to the Good Friday Agreement. Since then, there was a sporadic violence after the agreement. Here are some interesting facts about Conflict in Belfast:

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 1: the international name

The Northern Ireland conflict is the international name of the conflict. Some people also call this conflict as low intensity war or even guerilla war.

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 2: the problems in the conflict

The conflict in Belfast did not have anything to do with religion. It was mainly focused on the political aspect even though sectarian and ethnic aspect involved in the conflict.

Conflict in Belfast Facts

Conflict in Belfast Facts

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 3: the primary issue

Do you know the primary issue in the conflict? It was centered on the constitutional status of Northern Ireland.

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 4: the loyalists or unionists

The loyalists or unionists called themselves as British people. Most of them wanted Northern Ireland to stay as a part of United Kingdom. Talking about the faith, most of them were Protestants.

Facts about Conflict in Belfast

Facts about Conflict in Belfast

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 5: the republicans or nationalists

The republicans or nationalists called themselves as Irish people. They did not want to remain within United Kingdom. These people wanted Northern Ireland to unite with Ireland. Most of them were Catholics.

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 6: another issue

Another issue was related to the conflict of both communities. The nationalists or Catholics were the minority there.

Conflict in Belfast

Conflict in Belfast

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 7: the beginning of the conflict

As a minority in the country, the nationalists or Catholics wanted to end the discrimination. The conflict started amid that campaign. They felt discriminated because the police force and the government were dominated by the unionists or Protestants. Find facts about British soldiers here.

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 8: the participants

The republican paramilitaries were one of the main participants in conflict in Belfast such as Irish National Liberation Army and Provisional Irish Republican Army. Other participants include British state security forces, loyalist paramilitaries, politicians and political activists. The smaller role was taken by security forces.

Conflict in Belfast Pic

Conflict in Belfast Pic

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 9: the victims

In conflict in Belfast, there were 3,500 people killed. The civilians occupied 52 percent of the victims. Get facts about Conflict in Afghanistan here.

Facts about Conflict in Belfast 10: the causalities

The republicans killed 60 percent of the casualties. The security forces killed 10 percent of them.

Conflict in Belfast Image

Conflict in Belfast Image

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