10 Facts about Constantinople

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Facts about Constantinople present the detail information about the capital city of Byzantine Empire. Then it was used as the capital city in Latin and Ottoman Empire. Emperor Constantine the Great called it as the capital of Roman Empire in 324 AD at ancient Byzantium. The name of city was taken from the name of the emperor. In Europe, it was considered as the largest and richest city since its establishment in 4th to the beginning of 13th century. Here are some interesting facts about Constantinople:

Facts about Constantinople 1: Christianity

Christianity flourished in Constantinople because Emperor Constantine embraced this faith. The True Cross and Crown of Thorns were some of the holiest relics of Christendom in Constantinople.

Facts about Constantinople 2: the fell of Byzantine Empire

In the beginning of 15th century, Byzantine Empire lost its final province.  The area of the empire was decreased into Constantinople and other smaller cities. In 1453, the city was captured by the Ottoman Empire after a month of battle.

Constantinople Facts

Constantinople Facts

Facts about Constantinople 3: the defense mechanism

The defense mechanism of Constantinople was famous because it was complex and massive. There were numerous people who tried to besiege it but they were failed. It was broken after the Crusader Armies of the Fourth Crusade broke the defense in 1204.

Facts about Constantinople 4: the Ottoman Turks

Once again the defense of Constantinople was dismantled for the second and last time. Sultan Mehmed II from the Ottoman Empire did it.

Constantinople Pictures

Constantinople Pictures

Facts about Constantinople 5: the first wall of Constantinople

Constantine I erected the first wall located in Constantinople. The wall was seen along the sea and land fronts of the city.

Facts about Constantinople 6: another wall

The construction of the Theodosian Land Walls was conducted under the child emperor Theodosius II. The walls were located to the west of the first wall. It contained a double wall which stretched 1.2 miles or 2 km. Find facts about Classical Europe here.

Constantinople Architecture

Constantinople Architecture

Facts about Constantinople 7: the sophisticated buildings

One of the most sophisticated buildings in Constantinople was the formidable complex of defenses.  The towers, domes and palaces were enclosed by the complex.

Facts about Constantinople 8: the architectural designs

Constantinople was a home to various amazing architectural masterpieces. One of them was Hagia Sophia. It was the Greek Orthodox cathedral.

Facts about Constantinople

Facts about Constantinople

Facts about Constantinople 9: other important buildings

Other important buildings in Constantinople included the Galata Tower, the sacred Imperial Palace, Golden Gate of Land Walls, and the Hippodrome. Get facts about Classical Latin here.

Facts about Constantinople 10: the strategic position

Constantinople had strategic location which made this city rich during the end of Eastern Roman Empire.

Constantinople Ruins

Constantinople Ruins

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