10 Facts about Cytoskeleton

Monday, May 30th 2016. | Biology

Facts about Cytoskeleton tell you about a complicated network of tubules and filaments that you can find in all cells of the living organisms. Cytoskeleton is extended from nucleus to the plasma membrane all the way around cytoplasm. It can be spotted in plant, fungal, animal and human cells. All of them have the eukaryotic cells. Cytoskeleton is also found in eukaryotes, bacteria and archaea. Let’s check other interesting facts about cytoskeleton below:

Facts about Cytoskeleton 1: the composition

The similar proteins are found as the composition of cytoskeleton systems in various types of organisms.

Facts about Cytoskeleton 2: the different cytoskeleton system

Even though the composition of cytoskeleton system may be similar, but it can behave and function differently based on the cell type and type of organism. Moreover, it may have different structure.

Cytoskeleton Images

Cytoskeleton Images

Facts about Cytoskeleton 3: the functions

There are various functions which can be conducted by cytoskeleton system. It can stabilize the cell tissues, prevent deformation due to the mechanical resistance and provide shape to the cells.

Facts about Cytoskeleton 4: the contraction

The cells are allowed to migrate because cytoskeleton system performs active contraction. That’s why the cell and cell’s environment can deform.

Facts about Cytoskeleton

Facts about Cytoskeleton

Facts about Cytoskeleton 5: the cell signaling pathways

Cytoskeleton system also plays an important role in the cell signaling pathway. During the cellular division, the chromosome will be segregated.

Facts about Cytoskeleton 6: Cytokinesis

Cytokinesis is a process to divide the cells in two daughter cells.  Cytoskeleton also contributes to the process of Cytokinesis by giving a scaffold for organizing the cell’s content.

Cytoskeleton Types

Cytoskeleton Types

Facts about Cytoskeleton 7: the structure

The structures of podosomes, lamellipodia, cilia and flagella are maintained by the presence of cytoskeleton system. Look at facts about Cytoplasm here.

Facts about Cytoskeleton 8: the filaments

There are three filaments of cytoskeleton spotted in the eukaryotic cells. Those are the intermediate filaments, microtubules and microfilaments.

Cytoskeleton Parts

Cytoskeleton Parts

Facts about Cytoskeleton 9: the microtubules

Tubulin is the main content found in microtubules. It is a type of protein. The diameter of tubulin is measured at 25 nm. Get facts about Cytokinesis here.

Facts about Cytoskeleton 10: the microfilaments

Actin is a type of polymer of protein. It is the main content in microfilament. The diameter of microfilament is measured at 7 nm.

Cytoskeleton Facts

Cytoskeleton Facts

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