10 Facts about Domestic Animals

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Facts about Domestic Animals tell you about the types of the domesticated animals in the world. They have followed the process of domestication. The domesticated animals are different from their wild ancestors because of the changes in term of morphology, genetics and behavior. Domestication is not instant process for it takes places gradually. Let us check other interesting facts about domestic animals below:

Facts about Domestic Animals 1: the classes of domesticated animals

There are three classes of domesticated animals proposed in archaeozoology. The first one is the animals domesticated for human niche. They are called commensals. The examples include guinea pigs, cats and dogs.  The goats, pig, sheep and cows are some examples of domesticated animals sought for food. The last class, which includes donkey, camel and horse, are for non food resources or animals used for draft.

Facts about Domestic Animals 2: the domestic dog

The domestic dog has been used by human being for various purposes. They are excellent for retrieving, guarding or even as a pet. Get facts about dogs here.

domestic animal pic

domestic animal pic

Facts about Domestic Animals 3: the variety

There are various breeds of dogs. That is why dogs vary in colors, sizes, and shapes.  The notable ones include poodle, Labrador retriever, and Rottweiler.

Facts about Domestic Animals 4: the sheep

The domestic animal used for stock is sheep. The biological name is Ovis Aries. The people raise sheep for meat, fleece and milk.

domestic animal

domestic animal

Facts about Domestic Animals 5: wool

Wool is one of the important products taken from sheep. The shearing process will be applied to harvest the wool.

Facts about Domestic Animals 6: the domestic pig

People call domestic pig in various names such as pig, hog or swine. The weight of an adult domestic pig is 110 to 770 lb or 50 to 350 kilogram.

facts about domestic animals

facts about domestic animals

Facts about Domestic Animals 7: the domestic goat

Capra aegagrus hircus is the scientific name of the domestic goat. The goat has at least 300 different breeds. The people will take the hair, milk, skins and meat of goats.

Facts about Domestic Animals 8: cattle

One of the most important domesticated animals in the world is cattle. The purposes of raising cattle are for their milk, meat, leather, and dairy products.

domestic animal pictures

domestic animal pictures

Facts about Domestic Animals 9: chicken

One of the most widely distributed domesticated animals is chicken. In 2011, the population of chicken reached 19 billion. They produce eggs and meat. Check facts about cats and dogs here.

Facts about Domestic Animals 10: ducks

People can get down, eggs and meat when they raise ducks. The ducks also have the ornamental value. Some also have them as pets.

domestic animal facts

domestic animal facts

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