10 Facts about Drone Bees

Friday, December 16th 2016. | Animals

Facts about Drone Bees show you the information about a male bee. An unfertilized egg produces this bee. The drone bees do not have any job to gather pollen and nectar. They have different roles from the female worker bees. Moreover, the drones do not own stingers. So what is the job of drone bees? They have to mate with the fertile queen. Check other interesting facts about drone bees below:

Facts about Drone Bees 1: the genetic feature

Talking about the genetic feature, drone bees are haploid. It means that they only own a set of chromosome from the mother’s side.

Facts about Drone Bees 2: the interesting genealogical tree

The scientists always consider the genealogical trees of drone bee quite interesting to study because it has no father. It only has a mother.

Drone Bees Image

Drone Bees Image

Facts about Drone Bees 3: the reproductive functions of drone bees

Drones have important functions in the reproduction of bees. The single unfertilized egg of the queen bee is converted and extended into 10 million identical male sperm cells.

Facts about Drone Bees 4: the reproduction in natural process

The queen bee mates with different drone bees in the natural process of mating.  The drones probably are not from the similar hive.

Drone Bees

Drone Bees

Facts about Drone Bees 5: the eyes of drone bee

You can distinguish the eyes of drone bees from the eyes of queens and worker bees for the former one have twice-larger eyes. The queen bee has larger body than drone, while the worker bees have smaller body than the drones.

Facts about Drone Bees 6: the flight

The body of drone is very heavy. However, they should be able to accompany the queen during the flight since the mating process occurs at flight. That is why drones have great vision. Look at facts about dromedary camels here.

Facts about Drone Bees

Facts about Drone Bees

Facts about Drone Bees 7: the number of drones

During the high summer peak season, 200 drones are spotted on the Apis cerana colony.

Facts about Drone Bees 8: the appearance

The appearance of drones is spotted at the end of spring season. At the end of autumn season, the worker bees eject the drones from the hive. Get facts about dragonflies here.

Drone Bee

Drone Bee

Facts about Drone Bees 9: death

The drone bees will soon die after they successfully mate with the queen bee. It is due to the ripped abdominal tissue and penis after the intercourse with the queen.

Facts about Drone Bees 10: stringer

As I have stated before, drone bees do not have stringer. Therefore, they will not sting. However, the disturber will be frightened when the drones move the tail.

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