10 Facts about Edmund Halley

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Look at Facts about Edmund Halley if you want to know the notable English astronomer. Halley was born on November 8th, 1656 and died on January 25th, 1742. He was recognized as the physicist, meteorologist, mathematician and geophysicist.  He rose to fame as the astronomer who successfully counted the orbit of Comet Halley. In Great Britain, Halley took the title as the second Astronomer Royal. The first was John Flamsteed. Let me show you the details about Halley below:

Facts about Edmund Halley 1: John Flamsteed

Halley met John Flamsteed who served as Astronomer Royal during his education at Oxford University.

Facts about Edmund Halley 2: inspiration

Halley was inspired by the work of Flamsteed where he created a catalog, which contained the northern stars. Halley intended to create a catalog for the southern stars.

Edmond Halley Facts

Edmond Halley Facts

Facts about Edmund Halley 3: visiting Saint Helena

Halley went to Saint Helena in 1676 to find out the stars located at the southern hemisphere. During his observation in Southern Hemisphere, Halley realized that it was possible to decide to the size of the Solar System from the transit of Venus. Get facts about earth rotation here.

Facts about Edmund Halley 4: return to England

In May 1678, Halley came back to England. Halley had to deal with a dispute in 1679. He became the representative of Royal Society.

Edmond Halley Plaque

Edmond Halley Plaque

Facts about Edmund Halley 5: Johannes Hevelius

The dispute was between Robert Hooke and Johannes Hevelius. The former one questioned the observations of Hevelius since he did not use a telescope. Halley verified the observation of Hevelius and supported him.

Facts about Edmund Halley 6: publication

Catalogus Stellarum Australium was the title of his catalog, which contained 341 southern stars that he had observed in Saint Helena.  It was published in 1679.

Facts about Edmond Halley

Facts about Edmond Halley

Facts about Edmund Halley 7: degree

Oxford University granted him with a M.A. degree.  When he was 22 years old, Halley was appointed as a Fellow at the Royal Society.

Facts about Edmund Halley 8: another publication

Halley also had another publication in 1686 related to the trade wind and monsoon that he observed from his expedition in Saint Helena. Check facts about eclipse here.

Edmund Halley

Edmund Halley

Facts about Edmund Halley 9: personal life

His wife was Mary Tooke. The couple married in 1682. They had three kids.

Facts about Edmund Halley 10: death

Halley passed away at the age of 85 in 1742. The body of Halley was buried at St Margaret’s Lee though the tombstone is located at Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Edmond Halley

Edmond Halley

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