10 Facts about African Patterns

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Facts about African Patterns present the ideas about the pattern that you can find in African art. You can enjoy a unique pattern on the African mask design. It is often seen in carved, painted and bold pattern. You can also check a nice pattern on the clothes, pottery and painting. Therefore, get more facts about African pattern in the following post below:

Facts about African Patterns 1:  the African pattern and style

If you check out the African pattern on various items, it comes in symmetrical or geometrical pattern. But it does not look plain since the artist applies it in various ways.

Facts about African Patterns 2: The African mask

The African mask is decorated with pattern. It often features the different geometrical patterns. People can distinguish the African mask for male and female through the pattern. Get facts about African art here.

African Pattern Pic

African Pattern Pic

Facts about African Patterns 3: the type of pattern in African masks

The most common patterns that you can see in African mask are the triangular and square checkerboard patterns.  The top of the head will be decorated with intricate braided hair.

Facts about African Patterns 4: the mask face

Other common patterns used to adorn the African mask face are spiral, cruciform, zigzag, parallel and curved lines.

African Pattern

African Pattern

Facts about African Patterns 5: the Islamic art

The Islamic art can be seen in North Africa. It can be seen in some Islamic countries such as Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. It often features Berber motifs, Fezzan, Neolithic paintings and Tassili petroglyphs.

Facts about African Patterns 6: symbols and signs

The patterns of Africa are derived from the traditional signs and symbols. You can find these patterns not only on the African masks but also in painted wood, textiles, pottery, leather works, tattoos, amulets, jewelry and carved wood.

African Patterns

African Patterns

Facts about African Patterns 7: Kabyle women

Kabyle women are from Nigeria.  You can find unique shapes and symbols applied on their pottery and walls of the home. Most of them represent the Neolithic style.

Facts about African Patterns 8: unique symbols

Other unique symbols and signs that you can view include diamonds, crescent, lozenges, dots, triangles, stars and odds.



Facts about African Patterns 9: Morocco

One of the famous artists in Morocco is Ahmed Cherkaoui. He used bright colors of yellow, red, blue and green to create a unique Islamic pattern. It is often mixed with abstract symbols and signs.

Facts about African Pattern: 10: Baya Mahieddine

Baya Mahieddine is the famous Algerian artist. This self taught artist used grapes and fish to represent the cycle of life.

Facts about African Patterns

Facts about African Patterns

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