10 Facts about Agoraphobia

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Facts about Agoraphobia explain the fear of being outside.  This fear also occurs when you are in situation that you cannot escape in public. If you are escaping, it can give you a humiliating sense.  Some people do not realize whether they have Agoraphobia or not since this condition often goes unreported. Check out the following post below for more ideas about Agoraphobia:

Facts about Agoraphobia 1: a combination

Many people who suffer Agoraphobia also have panic disorder. The risk of having agoraphobia is not high. The people who have agoraphobia are only 1 till 7 percent from the entire population.

Facts about Agoraphobia 2: the cause

The researches state that agoraphobia can occur because of various reasons. It can be involved with the anxiety providing events in a repeated exposure.  The internal emotional conflict can become the cause of this phobia too.

Agoraphobia Facts

Agoraphobia Facts

Facts about Agoraphobia 3: genetic factors

The report states that genetic factor can be the main cause which triggers acrophobia. Therefore, this condition tends to be seen in a family.

Facts about Agoraphobia 4: symptoms

Can you guess the symptoms of agoraphobia? People will have a panic attack when they are in a situation which makes them unable to escape. If they escape, it can create a humiliating and embarrassing sense. The high fear and anxiety can be the symptoms too. Some people also experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, disorientation and diarrhea.

Agoraphobia Pictures

Agoraphobia Pictures

Facts about Agoraphobia 5: the beginning of Agoraphobia

Most people who have agoraphobia experience it for the first time when they are in the early adulthood or adolescence time. It is quite uncommon for them to have it when they are still in childhood time. Check out another medical condition in ADHD facts.

Facts about Agoraphobia 6: the risk of developing agoraphobia

Anyone can have agoraphobia. The risk is higher on women and girls.  The women and girls who middle aged and Native American have higher risk.  The divorced, separated and windowed women also are also at risk.

Agoraphobia Symptoms

Agoraphobia Symptoms

Facts about Agoraphobia 7: treatment

People with agoraphobia should get the immediate treatment. The symptoms and signs are not easy to treat out but they can be controlled and managed with the right treatment.

Facts about Agoraphobia 8: the doctor

Your history will be concerned a lot of by the doctor when they want to diagnose your phobia.  They also need laboratory test, physical and emotional examination.



Facts about Agoraphobia 9: the most effective treatment

The most effective treatments that the people with agoraphobia can have include Cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. Find out another disorder in ADD facts.

Facts about Agoraphobia 10: the medications

The common medications prescribed by the doctor for agoraphobia patients include beta blockers, SSRIs and benzodiazepines.

Facts about Agoraphobia

Facts about Agoraphobia

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