10 Facts about Eating Disorders

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The abnormal eating habit will be explained on Facts about Eating Disorders. It is included as a mental disorder. The mental and physical health will be affected when a person develops eating disorder. It comes in a number of types such as anorexia nervosa, binge eating, pica, and bulimia nervosa. The latter one is conducted by eating high amount of food. Then this person tries to get rid of it.

Facts about Eating Disorders 1: anorexia nervosa and binge eating

Some people try to maintain a very low body weight by eating very low amount of food. This habit is called anorexia nervosa. If you eat a lot of food in a short period, you have binge eating. The habit of eating non-food items is called pica.

Facts about Eating Disorders 2: other types of eating disorders

Other types of eating disorder include restrictive food intake disorder and ruminant disorder.

eating disorder facts

eating disorder facts

Facts about Eating Disorders 3: other health condition

It is prevalent for the people with eating disorder to have substance abuse, depression and anxiety disorders.

Facts about Eating Disorders 4: the causes

It is believe that key factors, which cause eating disorders, are environmental and biological factors. However, there are no clear evidences related to the exact causes of the disorder. Eating disorder is also contributed due to the idealization of thinness. Check facts about eating breakfast here.

eating disorder pictures

eating disorder pictures

Facts about Eating Disorders 5: dancers

Many believe that the ideal dancers are thin. There is no need to wonder that 12 percent dancers are affected by eating disorders. It is also likely to develop this disorder on the people who experience sexual abuse. The people with intellectual disabilities may develop rumination disorder or pica.

Facts about Eating Disorders 6: treatment

You can treat eating disorder by having exercise, performing proper diet, and counseling.

eating disorder

eating disorder

Facts about Eating Disorders 7: the risk of death

The risk of death is increased for those who developed bulimia and anorexia nervosa.

Facts about Eating Disorders 8: the developed world

The men affected by binge eating were 0.8 percent while; the women were 1.6 percent in a given year. Get facts about eating bugs here.

Facts about eating disorder

Facts about eating disorder

Facts about Eating Disorders 9: the male and female ratio

The female-to-male ratio of anorexia and bulimia nervosa is 10 to 1.  The beginning of the disorder takes place in the end of childhood or beginning of adulthood.

Facts about Eating Disorders 10: the developing countries

It is less common to have eating disorders in developing countries.

eating disorder pic

eating disorder pic

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