10 Facts about Aircraft

Tuesday, December 2nd 2014. | Transportation

Facts about Aircraft elaborate the interesting information aircraft in the world. You can find out the food served to the passengers, pilot and co-pilot when they are on a passenger’s aircraft here. The pilot and co-pilot are served to eat different meals when they are on board to avoid any contaminated food. Let’s find out more facts about aircraft for you:

Facts about Aircraft 1: a crocodile on an aircraft

Do you know that a small aircraft in Africa accommodated a crocodile inside a sport bag? The people thought that it was safe to have the crocodile on board. Unfortunately, the crocodile escaped and made the passengers panic. The plane crashed since the pilot lost the control.

Facts about Aircraft 2: the flight attendant

The flight attendant is very important in a passenger’s aircraft.  Actually they have similar role with ones in passenger’s trains and ships. Since the aircraft is in the air, the flight attendant should require some specific skills.

Aircraft Picture

Aircraft Picture

Facts about Aircraft 3: Heinrich Kubis

Heinrich Kubis was the first flight attendant in the world in 1912. He is a man. Then it was a trend to have cabin boys on the passenger’s aircraft.

Facts about Aircraft 4: Ellen Church

Ellen Church was the first female flight attendant in 1930. She was hired by United Airlines.  She worked nurse at that time. In 1936, men were not used as the flight attendant anymore.

Aircraft Pictures

Aircraft Pictures

Facts about Aircraft 5: aviation

Aviation involves with the human activity with aircraft.  Can you define an aircraft?  It is actually a machine that we can use to fly by having the support from the air. The aircraft can get the support from the air since it is equipped with an airfoil and dynamic lift. Get facts about Aeroplanes here.

Facts about Aircraft 6: who controls the aircraft?

Let’s talk about the ones who control the aircraft? An onboard pilot is the person who controls a crewed aircraft. But there are several aircraft controlled by the onboard computers.  This self controlled aircraft is the unmanned ones.

Aircraft Qantas

Aircraft Qantas

Facts about Aircraft 7: different types

Aircraft is made in different types. You can check it based on the usage, propulsion, and lift type.   The first flying modern craft which flew safely was the 18th century hot air balloon. Then the aircraft was improved with various advanced technologies since World Wars. Get facts about airplanes here.

Facts about Aircraft 8: Heavier-than-air aircraft

Let’s talk about the heavier-than-air aircraft. One of the best examples is airplane. The laws of motion by Newton are applied on the airplanes to push gas or air downward.  It makes the aircraft pushed upward.



Facts about Aircraft 9: Aerodynamic lift

The Aerodynamic lift on the aircraft can be seen on the wings.  They are often called as the rotary wings since they have rotorcrafts. The wings are made in horizontal and flat surface.

Facts about Aircraft 10: A pure rocket

Another type of heavy than air aircraft is a pure rocket. This rocket is different with an airplane for it can be pushed to fly outside the earth atmosphere.

Facts about Aircraft

Facts about Aircraft

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