10 Facts about Alberto Alessi

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Facts about Alberto Alessi talk about famous CEO of kitchen Utensil Company. The third transformation of the Alessi Company was on the hand of Alberto Alessi in 1970s. Alessi is a company from Italy focusing on the kitchen utensils. The famous designers in Alessi will create the everyday items from metal and plastic. Check out the interesting Alberto Alessi facts here:

Facts about Alberto Alessi 1: designer objects

The company was very famous in the world with their designer objects in 1980s. The high end design is applied on the ordinary objects and tools.  One of the famous designers in Alessi Company includes Philippe Starck.

Facts about Alberto Alessi 2: some Alessi products

The famous Alessi products include designer’s graters, designer toothbrushes, designer kettles and many more.

Alberto Alessi CEO

Alberto Alessi CEO

Facts about Alberto Alessi 3: maestros

When the Alessi Company was led by Alberto Alessi, he worked with some famous maestros in the world such as Ettore Sottsass, Richard Sapper, Achille Castiglioni, and Alessandro Mendini. All of them were the icons in 1970s.

Facts about Alberto Alessi 4: Ettore Sottsass and Sapper

Ettore Sottsass created the Condiment set which included salt, pepper and toothpick produced by Alessi in 1970s. On the other hand, Sapper designed the Espresso maker.

Alberto Alessi Facts

Alberto Alessi Facts

Facts about Alberto Alessi 5: Michael Graves

Michael Graves is another famous designer in Alessi.   He designed a kettle with a bird whistle. Do you know that it is the all time bestseller product from Alessi Company?

Facts about Alberto Alessi 6: Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass was introduced to Alberto Alessi in 1972. Then both worked each other for 3 decades.  During the partnership, there were several iconic pieces produced by Alessi.

Alberto Alessi Pic

Alberto Alessi Pic

Facts about Alberto Alessi 7: As a CEO

When Alberto was a CEO for Alessi Company, he had to think creatively. He used his company as a research lab.  The experimental post modernism series can be seen on his 1983 protect Tea and Coffee Piazza.

Facts about Alberto Alessi 8: books

There are various books that Alessi had written. Some of them are The Dream Factory, La Cintura di Orione, and Not in Production, Next to Production. Find out another business man in Alan Sugar facts here.

Alberto Alessi

Alberto Alessi

Facts about Alberto Alessi 9: Brooklyn Museum of Art

Brooklyn Museum of Art awarded Alberto Alessi with Design Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1998.

Facts about Alberto Alessi 10: the famous Alberto Alessi

Alberto Alessi is very important. He is the senior fellow at Royal College of Art, London and he is also a member of Academic Board of the U.I.A.H., Helsinki.

Alberto Alessi

Alberto Alessi

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