10 Facts about Alcohol Abuse

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Facts about Alcohol Abuse talk about the alcohol related incident. It is estimated that more than 5,000 people under 21 years old died in an alcohol related incident. They can be involved with alcohol poisoning, homicides, car crashes, and suicides. Get more facts about alcohol abuse in the post below:

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 1: negative effect of alcohol consumption

The alcohol consumption can bring negative effect on human being. It can lead into dangerous behavior, unintended sexual activity, and car accident when driving because alcohol can impair our judgment.

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 2: the young people

The young people are very prone to alcohol abuse because they are very curious with this drink.  The report states that 70 percent of 18 years old students confess that they drink alcohol at least once.

Alcohol Abuse Facts

Alcohol Abuse Facts

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 3: the college aged students

The report finds out that the college aged students often drink alcoholic beverages.

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 4: men and women

Compared women, most men drink more alcohol. The risk of having car accident because of alcohol consumption is bigger on men.

Alcohol Abuse Image

Alcohol Abuse Image

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 5: binge drinking

Have you ever heard the term binge drinking? It is used to define the consumption of large amount of alcohol in a short time.

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 6: the binge drinking on women

The women can be considered to have binge drinking if they have four drinks of alcohol within two hours.

Alcohol Abuse Party

Alcohol Abuse Party

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 7: binge drinking on men

The men are in binge drinking if they have more than five drinks in only 2 hours. The people who often perform binge drinking are the people in 18 to 34 years old.

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 8: the effect of binge drinking

When you have binge drinking, you are totally unaware with the surrounding area. It can lead to unintended sexual activity. Therefore, the risk of having sexually transmitted disease and unplanned pregnancy is high.

Alcohol Abuse Pic

Alcohol Abuse Pic

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 9: Alcohol poisoning

A short term consequence of drinking alcohol can lead into alcohol poisoning. To find out whether you experience the alcohol poisoning or not, you need to check out the signs which include loss of consciousness. The poisoning can make people experience coma. Check facts about alcohol and its effects here.

Facts about Alcohol Abuse 10: the long term effect

Drinking a large amount of alcohol regularly can give long term effects such as dementia, depression, anxiety, cancer of liver, cardiovascular disease and liver disease.

Alcohol and Its Effects

Alcohol and Its Effects

Facts about  Alcohol Abuse

Facts about Alcohol Abuse

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