10 Facts about Alonzo Herndon

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Alonzo Herndon if you want to know the founding father of the Atlanta Family Life Insurance Company. Many people simply call it as Atlanta Life.  Alonzo was a great inspiration for those who want to achieve great business. Here are some interesting facts about him for you:

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 1: life span

Herndon was born on 26 June 1858 in Walton County, Georgia. His full name is Alonzo Franklin Herndon. He passed away on 21 July 1927.

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 2: fame

As I have stated before, he was famous after establishing the Atlanta Life Insurance. He also became the president of this company.

Alonzo Herndon Book

Alonzo Herndon Book

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 3: slavery

Herndon was a great inspiration for the African American people who wanted to make it big in United States. Do you know that he was born into slavery? Now he was a great deal businessman. His mother was Sophenie, an enslaved woman. His father was Frank Herndon, a white master.

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 4: emancipated action

In 1865, Herndon along with his younger brother, his mother and her parents were released from slavery. At that time, he was 7 years old.

Alonzo Herndon Facts

Alonzo Herndon Facts

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 5: the new working area

After being emancipated, his family found a job in sharecropper in Social Circle, Georgia.  It was located 40 miles to the east of Atlanta.

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 6: leaving the Social Circle

He decided to leave his Social Circle in 1878. He went to Jonesboro, Clayton County on foot.  He decided to open his barbershop here. His business was very great and he could expand it.   He also invented his money in real estate. Eventually he established Atlanta Life, an insurance company. Get facts about Alan Sugar here.

Alonzo Herndon Pic

Alonzo Herndon Pic

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 7: operations

His insurance company was very successful since it was operated in some states in US such as Texas, Kansas, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky.

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 8: the first black millionaire

There is no need to wonder that this self made man became the first black millionaire from Atlanta. Norris B. Herndon, his son also contributed a lot to the company since he made it into a multimillion dollar company. Find ou another businessman in Alberto Alessi facts.

Alonzo Herndon

Alonzo Herndon

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 9: Herndon Home

His home was included in National Historic Landmark in United States in 2000. In 1910, the house was built. You can visit it in Vine City at 587 University Place NW.

Facts about Alonzo Herndon 10: Herndon Stadium

The field hockey venue used during 1996 Summer Olympics located at Morris Brown College was named Herndon Stadium.

Facts about Alonzo Herndon

Facts about Alonzo Herndon

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