10 Facts about Alternative Fuels

Saturday, January 3rd 2015. | Environment

Facts about Alternative Fuels elaborate the details about the cheaper and more environmentally fuel. The alternative fuel can reduce the effect of climate changes and global warming. Until this present, people still depend on their life on the fossil based fuel. Since the oil prices are raised from time to time, why don’t you try the alternative fuels? Check out more facts about Alternative fuels below:

Facts about Alternative Fuels 1: the environment

If you really concern with the environment, you have to try to use the alternative fuel. The fossil based fuel transformed into diesel and petrol create negative impact on the environment. The air pollution spreads around the world and increases the temperature of earth. Get facts about Air Pollution in Mexico city.

Facts about Alternative Fuels 2: cheap price

If you do not have much money for buying the fossil based fuel, you can choose the alternative fuels. They are more cost effective. You can save the environment and save a lot of money.

Alternative Fuel Facts

Alternative Fuel Facts

Facts about Alternative Fuels 3: fueling station

Even though the alternative fuel has raised the awareness of the people, there is one big problem about it. It is not easy for us to find out the fueling station. Get facts about alternative energy resources here.

Facts about Alternative Fuels 4: hydrogen engines

One of the advances technologies is on the hydrogen engine. The combustion is very clean since hydrogen is generated from water. However, many people are not interested to use this hydrogen engines for the hydrogen fueling station is very rare in the world.

Alternative Fuels Hydrogen

Alternative Fuels Hydrogen

Facts about Alternative Fuels 5: Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas is often abbreviated as LNG. You will never find any fueling station for LNG. However, this alternative fuel is very cheap.

Facts about Alternative Fuels 6: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is often called LPG.  You can find this fueling station of LPG in many areas in the world. Compared to LNG, LPG is more costly.

Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

Facts about Alternative Fuels 7: the regular engines

The regular engines can be fueled by using LNG and LPG. The people just have to apply a simple modification so that the vehicles can be powered with both fuels.
However, it is not easy to find the LNG fueling station. Therefore, no cars are powered with LNG.

Facts about Alternative Fuels 8: the engines for car

The petrol engines can be fitted with LPG. On the other hand, the diesel engine is compatible with LNG.

Facts about Alternative Fuels

Facts about Alternative Fuels

Facts about Alternative Fuels 9: electric cars

Another breakthrough on the alternative fuel is having the electric cars. The drivers are encouraged to leave the fossil fuel and choose the electric fuels.

Facts about Alternative Fuels 10: battery exchange stations

To meet the purpose of the cars with batteries, The Renault-Nissan Company decides to have battery exchange stations. Therefore, the drivers can exchange or recharge their batteries easily.

Alternative Fuel

Alternative Fuel

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