10 Facts about Ambroise Pare

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Facts about Ambroise Pare talk about the French barber surgeon who was born in 1510 and passed away on 20 December 1590.  There were some famous people who had his service as a barber surgeon. Those are Charles IX and Henry III, Henry II, and Francis II. Get more facts about Pare by reading the following post below:

Facts about Ambroise Pare 1: pioneer

Pare is considered as the pioneer on the battlefield medicine and surgical methods.  He is also appointed as one of the father of modern forensic pathology and surgery. During his life, he created some instruments for surgery.

Facts about Ambroise Pare 2: treatment of Captain Rat

When Captain Rat was wounded, Pare bandaged his wound and he was cured.  The captain was wounded during Piedmont campaign.

Ambroise Pare Book

Ambroise Pare Book

Facts about Ambroise Pare 3: the battlefield

The battlefield was the last place that you want to see in the past. The injured soldiers could not do anything to reduce the pain of their wound. If the wound was severe, the comrades would end their life to avoid the misery.

Facts about Ambroise Pare 4: Battle of Milan

Battle of Milan was one of his experiences in the battlefield. The gunpowder made two men burned. Then a soldier approached them and offered a help to them. The burned soldiers shook his head which means that he could not anything to help their pain. Then the solider took a dagger and cut the burned soldiers’ throat.

Ambroise Pare Pic

Ambroise Pare Pic

Facts about Ambroise Pare 5: date of birth

Pare was born in Bourg-Hersent in north-western France in 1510. His older brother was a barber surgeon in Paris. When he was a child, he often watched his older brother and apprenticed him.

Facts about Ambroise Pare 6: education

For his early education about medics, he was a student at the oldest hospital in France, Hôtel-Dieu. During the campaign of Francis I, Pare had his first battle medical experience at Piedmont.

Ambroise Pare Statue

Ambroise Pare Statue

Facts about Ambroise Pare 7: an old roman technique

He used oil to cure the gunshot wounds in the battlefield. When the oil was limited, Pare used oil of roses, turpentine and egg white to cure the wound. It was the old Roman technique of curing wounds. He was very surprised to know that the old roman technique could heal the wound better than the conventional oil method. Get facts about alternative medicine here.

Facts about Ambroise Pare 8: imperfection

His old roman technique that he used to seal and heal the wound was not perfect at all. The chance of having infection and pain is still the big problem.

Ambroise Pare

Ambroise Pare

Facts about Ambroise Pare 9: Journeys in Diverse Places

A journey in Diverse Places was his autobiographical book. He used the scientific method to increase his technique of curing the wound in the battlefield.

Facts about Ambroise Pare 10: the royal service

The highest position of his career as a barber surgeon when he served on the behalf of the royal family during the Valois Dynasty under Henry II.

Facts about Ambroise Pare

Facts about Ambroise Pare

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