10 Facts about Annabelle

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Facts about Annabelle talk about one of the allegedly haunted dolls in the world. Now this doll is located in Warren Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. You will be terrified when you see the doll’s face and appearance.  This dog gains the prominence after it inspires the filmmaker to create the movies The Conjuring and Annabelle.

Facts about Annabelle 1: comparison

Annabelle is always compared to another haunted doll, Robert the Doll. People often call it Robert the Enchanted Doll or Robert the Haunted Doll.  Once, the doll was owned by Key West painter and author, Robert Eugene Otto. The doll inspired the famous horror movie, Child’s Play. Find out another interesting move in American Dad Facts.

Facts about Annabelle 2: the actual doll

In the movie, you can find Annabelle depicted as a porcelain doll. Actually it is a rag doll.

Annabelle Facts

Annabelle Facts

Facts about Annabelle 3: a gift

The doll was bought from the second hand Raggedy Ann store. It was given to a 28 year old nursing student named Donna in 1970s.

Facts about Annabelle 4: Angie

Angie was the roommate of Donna who realized the strange thing happened on this rag doll. She noticed the doll crossed the legs, arms or even moved.



Facts about Annabelle 5: the door

Donna and Angie also felt that the doll was very strange. When both left the doors opened, they often found them closed even though no one was at home. They also discovered the word Help US.

Facts about Annabelle 6: the spirit

Some people believed that the doll was the property of Annabelle. She was a seven year old girl who died and possessed by this doll. Later Annabelle attacked the mutual friend of Donna and Angie named Lou.

Annabelle The Real One

Annabelle The Real One

Facts about Annabelle 7: investigation

The investigation was conducted by Ed and Lorraine Warren. Both were the two established demonologist asked by Angie and Donna to investigate the spirit of the doll. Later, the two demonologists stated that it was not a spirit inside the doll, but it was a demon.

Facts about Annabelle 8: exorcism

The exorcism was conducted by a priest in the apartment. The Warrens took the doll and placed it inside the museum.

Facts about Annabelle Facts

Facts about Annabelle Facts

Facts about Annabelle 9: positively do not open

If you check out the doll in the museum, you can see warning not to open the doll. But there was one visitor who broke the rule. Later the man was allegedly died in a motorcycle accident. His girlfriend was alive, but she had to spend some time in the hospital.

Facts about Annabelle 10: sedentary lifestyle

Even though Annabelle seems to have sedentary lifestyle in the museum, the Warren stated that she often moved and growled.

Annabelle Movie

Annabelle Movie

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