10 Facts about Constantin Stanislavski

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Check out the interesting information about the notable theater director and actor from Russia on Facts about Constantin Stanislavski. In the period after the Second World War, there were many acting teachings in America influenced by Stanislavsky system. He believed that the theater making should combine the integrity, discipline and dedication. Get other facts about Stanislavski below:

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 1: the importance of Stanislavski’s works

The psychological realism in United States as well as the development of socialist realism in Soviet Union was influenced by the works of Stanislavski.

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 2: the works of Stanislavski

There are several works created by Stanislavski. One of them was his autobiography with the title My Life in Art. Other works were An Actor’s Work on a Role and An Actor Prepares.

Constantin Stanislavski Actor

Constantin Stanislavski Actor

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 3: the family background of Stanislavski

Do you know that Stanislavski was born in a wealthy Russian family? Stanislavski was his stage name that he used in 1884. He did not use his real name Konstantin Sergeyevich Alexeyev for he wanted his performance activities hidden from his parents.

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 4: a taboo profession

Since Stanislavski was from a rich social class, being an actor was considered as a taboo profession. In Russia, an actor was considered as a low class society.

Constantin Stanislavski Facts

Constantin Stanislavski Facts

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 5: the wealth of Stanislavski’s family

Stanislavski’s family was the bourgeois family.  They produced the gold and silver braiding for uniforms and decorations of military.

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 6: the inherited wealth

The inherited wealth that he had from his family was often used to cover the expense of directing and acting experiments.

Constantin Stanislavski Image

Constantin Stanislavski Image

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 7: the interest of Stanislavski as a child

When he was a child, Stanislavski was interested with puppetry, ballet and circus. Get facts about Clara Bow here.

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 8: the vocal training

Stanislavski learned vocal training under a professor at Moscow Conservatory in 1884. His name was Fyodor Petrovich Komissarzhevsky.

Constantin Stanislavski Pic

Constantin Stanislavski Pic

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 9: Stanislavski as an amateur actor

The people recognized Stanislavski as famous amateur actor when he was 25 years old. He had an idea to create a society for the amateur and professional actors and artists and presented the idea to Fyodor Sollogub and Alexander Fedotov. Get facts about Charlie Chaplin here.

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski 10: honors and awards

In 1937, he was awarded Order of Lenin. In 1938, he took Order of the Red Banner of Labour. In 1936, he received People’s Artist of the USSR.

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski

Facts about Constantin Stanislavski

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