10 Facts about Antimatter

Wednesday, March 4th 2015. | Science

Let’s study about physics by reading Facts about Antimatter.  Have you ever heard the word antimatter? The antiparticles compose the antimatter.  It has similarities with the ordinary matter. However, there are some differences of the ordinary matter and antimatter that you can see on the particle properties and opposite charge.  Get more facts about antimatter below:

Facts about Antimatter 1: definition of antimatter

Let’s find out the definition of antimatter in simple words. We can define it as the opposite of normal or ordinary matter. This particle has reserved electrical charge.

Facts about Antimatter 2: the rarity

If you think that antimatter is easy to find, you are wrong.  In today’s universe, antimatter is very rare. It was created after the Big Bang. The scientists do not know why the antimatter is so rare today.

Antimatter Facts

Antimatter Facts

Facts about Antimatter 3: what makes up the antimatter?

The atoms make up the antimatter.  The atom is always found in the basic of the chemical elements that you can find the periodic table such as oxygen, hydrogen and helium. Helium has two atoms, while hydrogen has one atom.

Facts about Antimatter 4: the electrical charge

Based on the point of view of NASA, the electrical charge of antimatter is reserved relative to the matter. The positrons are the anti electrons which have the positive charge but they behave just like the electrons. The protons with a negative charge are called antiprotons.

Facts about Antimatter

Facts about Antimatter

Facts about Antimatter 5: the antiparticles

The antiparticles are the antimatter particles. NASA stated that CERN or European Organization for Nuclear Research have studied and generated the antiparticles.

Facts about Antimatter 6: the dominant matter

The matter is more dominant than the antimatter particles even though both matter and antimatter were produced in the same amount when the universe was cooled after the Big Bang.  Due to the ultra high speed collision, the antimatter particles were created. Get facts about air masses here.



Facts about Antimatter 7: the theory

The scientists have not known why the matter is more than the antimatter today in our universe. But there is one theory which states that the antimatter is created less than the normal matter. Therefore, the normal matter left was sufficient to create galaxies, stars and earth.

Facts about Antimatter 8: Paul Dirac

Paul Dirac was an English physicist who first predicted the antimatter. Due to his notable contribution to science, he was called the greatest British theorist since Sir Isaac Newton by New Scientist magazine.

Antimatter Pic

Antimatter Pic

Facts about Antimatter 9: Paul Dirac and his Nobel Prize

In 1933, Dirac earned a Nobel Prize in physics. Find another famous physician in Albert Einstein facts.

Facts about Antimatter 10: Carl D. Anderson

Carl D. Anderson was the American physician. In 1932, he discovered positrons. He was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1936.

Antimatter Image

Antimatter Image

Are you satisfied reading facts about antimatter?

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