10 Facts about Atari

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Atari if you want to know a brand or corporate owned by Atari Interactive today.  It is included as the subsidiary of Atari SA, the French publisher. The word Atari is taken from the Japanese word. The meaning is to hit the target. If you are interested to know more about this corporate, check the following post below:

Facts about Atari 1: the original company

Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney were the original founders of Atari, Inc. This company was the pioneers in arcade games, home computer, and home video games consoles.

Facts about Atari 2: the success

Atari Inc. had a great deal of success in 1970s and the mid 1980s after it could revolutionize the electronic entertainment industry.  The most popular products from Atari Inc were Atari 2600 and Pong.

facts about Atari

facts about Atari

Facts about Atari 3: the split

In 1983, Atari was involved in the role of video game crash. This event made the company divided in 1984. The Atari Games Inc. was set up for the arcade division. It has the right to use the brand name and logo with Game for the arcade. It also has the right for the arcade hardware properties in 1972 to 1984. Check facts about Apple Computer here.

Facts about Atari 4: The Atari Consumer Electronics Division

The properties of the Atari Consumer Electronics Division were sold to Jack Tramiel’s Tramel Technology Ltd. Then the company was called Atari Corporation.



Facts about Atari 5: merger

JT Storage was the disk drive manufacturer which had reverse merger with Atari Corporation in 1996. Then this manufacturer is included as a division in the company.

Facts about Atari 6: Atari Interactive

Atari Interactive was established by Hasbro Interactive in 1998 after this company got the right of all Atari Corporation and JTS. Then it formed Atari Interactive as the subsidiary for the company.

Atari Product

Atari Product

Facts about Atari 7: Atari Inc.

Atari Interactive was changed again into Atari Inc. after Infogrames Entertainment acquired Hasbro Interactive in 2001. Then Infogrames Entertainment was called Infogrames Interactive. Then Infogrames Entertainment was called as Atari SA in May 2009.

Facts about Atari 8: the Board of Directors

The members of Board of Directors in Atari were Gene Davis, Alexandra Fichelson, Frank Dangeard, Jim Wilson, and Tom Virden since 31 March 2011.

Atari Game

Atari Game

Facts about Atari 9: the emergence of bankruptcy

Atari was in state of bankruptcy after it filed for relief on 21 January 2013.  They could escape from the bankruptcy after they have casino gaming industry. Get facts about ASDA here.

Facts about Atari 10: Frederic Chesnais

Frederic Chesnais is the head of three Ataris. Those are Atari Inc., Atari Interactive Inc and Atari Casiso.

Atari Facts

Atari Facts

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