10 Facts about Auroras

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Facts about Auroras tell you about the northern light and southern light that you can find on the pole regions.  The light occurs because the collision between the charged particles from the sun with the magnetic field of earth. When the cold night comes, you can enjoy the beauty of aurora on the southern or northern altitude. It usually comes in green color. Find out more interesting facts about auroras below:

Facts about Auroras 1: the magnetic poles

The earth magnetic poles are considered as the center of the auroras. But in some cases, the auroras are visible far away to the south.

Facts about Auroras 2: the northern hemisphere

If you are interested to know the aurora borealis located at the northern hemisphere, you can visit Arctic, northern Alaska, Canada, northern coast of Siberia, Iceland, southern tip of Greenland and Scandinavia. Get facts about aurora borelis here.

Facts about Auroras

Facts about Auroras

Facts about Auroras 3: the southern hemisphere

If you want to take picture and enjoy the beauty of aurora australis, you can go to Antarctica, Tasmania and the Falkland’s. Get facts about arctic here.

Facts about Auroras 4: the color

Let’s find out the color of the auroras. The color produced is determined by the type of the ion. Mostly the auroras are in green. But you can see them in red or orange.

Aurora Pic

Aurora Pic

Facts about Auroras 5: from the space

The presence of auroras can be seen clearly from the space. The pictures of auroras taken by the satellite are vivid and striking.

Facts about Auroras 6: the auroras in other planets

Not only earth, but also other planets in the solar system have auroras.  The auroras in Saturn and Jupiter were captured for the first time by Voyagers 1 and 2.

Aurora Colors

Aurora Colors

Neptune and Uranus also have auroras. They are oriented in the magnetic field of the planets.

Facts about Auroras 7: the impressive display

Many people are impressed with the beauty of the auroras. They want to see the auroras again and again. However, the ancient Greek culture believed that auroras were the bad omens.

Facts about Auroras 8: the Inuit

The Inuit also had their own belief about auroras. When the auroras appear, they prohibited children to play outside until the auroras disappear.

Aurora Borealis Facts

Aurora Borealis Facts

Facts about Auroras 9: spectacular shot

You can enjoy a spectacular photo for the cameras are more sensitive than the human eyes.

Facts about Auroras10: the ultraviolet color

The ultraviolet color is also produced by the auroras. However, this color is mostly not visible to human.

Aurora Blue

Aurora Blue

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