10 Facts about Austin Texas

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Get the interesting Facts about Austin Texas in the following post. Austin is very famous in United because it is the capital of Texas. The seat of Travis County can be seen in the city. Based on the population in the city, it is ranked in the 11th position of the most populous city in United States. In Texas, it takes the fourth position of the most populous city.

Facts about Austin Texas 1: the development in Austin

In 2000 to 2006, Austin took the record as the third fastest growing large city in the United States.  It also takes the record as the second largest state capital in the country. The first one is taken by Phoenix, Arizona.

Facts about Austin Texas 2: the population

The US census Bureau estimated that Austin was inhabited by 885,400 people based on the data taken on 1st July 2013.

Austin Texas Capital

Austin Texas Capital

Facts about Austin Texas 3: the name

The name Austin attached to this city was taken from the name of the Father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin. He was the first secretary of the state.

Facts about Austin Texas 4: the growth of the city

In 19th century, Austin grew rapidly.   The establishment of University of Texas and Texas State Capital made it as the center of education and government.

Austin Texas skyline

Austin Texas skyline

Facts about Austin Texas 5: Austin in 1980

Austin became the center of business and technology in 1980s. There are several companies with the regional offices or bases in Austin such as Cisco, eBay, Google, Micro Devices, Apple Inc., Whole Foods Market, Oracle Corporation, 3M, Intel, Advanced IMB and many more.

Facts about Austin Texas 6: Austinites

If you want to call the residents who live in Austin, use the term Austinites. These people include the domestic and foreign college students, blue collar workers, high tech workers, business people, government employees and many more. Get Athens facts here.

Austin Texas Skyline

Austin Texas Skyline

Facts about Austin Texas 7: “Silicon Hills”

“Silicon Hills” nickname has been adapted to the city in 1990s because the city is considered as the center of many technology companies.

Facts about Austin Texas 8: the official slogan

Can you tell me the current slogan of Austin now? It is badged as The Live Music Capital of the World. This city has a lot of live music venues.

Austin Texas

Austin Texas

Facts about Austin Texas 9: “Violet Crown”

“Violet Crown” was the famous nickname of Austin in 1800s due to the violet glow after the sunset on the hills. Find out another city in Auckland facts.

Facts about Austin Texas 10: the safe city

In 2012, Austin was ranked as the second safest major city in US by FBI.

Facts about Austin Texas

Facts about Austin Texas

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