10 Facts about Benjamin Disraeli

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Facts about Benjamin Disraeli talk about the first Earl of Beaconsfield. He was born on 21 December 1804 and passed away 19 April 1881. Disraeli had served the prime minister twice. He was also famous as the British conservative politician and writer.  He was one of the important people who founded the modern conservative party. He helped others to define the objective and policies. Here are other interesting facts about Benjamin Disraeli:

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 1: the influence

Disraeli also gained the recognition in the world due to his vocal speech. He was known with his Tory Democracy. He also had a political battle with William Ewart Gladstone.  He was the liberal leader.

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 2: the party

The party that Disraeli made was often associated with the power and victory of the British Empire. This man also took the record as the only prime minister in Britain who had Jewish birth.

Benjamin Disraeli Facts

Benjamin Disraeli Facts

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 3: the early life

When he was 12 years old, Disraeli embraced Anglicanism. His father decided to leave Judaism after he has disagreement with the synagogue.

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 4: the House of Commons

In 1837, Disraeli finally became the member of the House of Commons. Actually he had tried several times and failed to enter the House of Commons.

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 5: no office

Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel gave him no office when the Conservative controlled the government in 1841.

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 6: splitting the party

The party was split into two in 1846 after the prime minister wanted to abolish the Corn Laws. Disraeli was one of the persons who did not agree with the proposal of Peel. Therefore, both clashed in the House of Commons.

Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 7: the important position in the House of Commons

Benjamin Disraeli got an important position in the House of Commons when the party leader, Lord Derby was in power in 1850s and 1860s. Benjamin was appointed as the Leader of the House of Common. Before becoming a leader, he was Chancellor of the Exchequer. Get facts about Alfred Deakin here.

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 8: the prime minister

Benjamin Disraeli took over the place of Lord Derby as the prime minister after the Lord had to retire due to his unfortunate health in 1868.

Benjamin Disraeli Sketch

Benjamin Disraeli Sketch

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 9: Earl of Beaconsfield

Disraeli was appointed as Earl of Beaconsfield in 1876. He and the queen had a close friendship. Get facts about Benjamin Netanyahu here.

Facts about Benjamin Disraeli 10: the final months

Disraeli became the leader of the Conservative.  He and his parties were in opposition during his final months. He passed away at the age of 76 years old.

Benjamin Disraeli Image

Benjamin Disraeli Image

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