10 Facts about Beryllium

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Let’s talk about be in Facts about Beryllium.  If you check the periodic table, it is included the classification of the Alkali earth metal.  It has the atomic number of 4. The atomic weight is 9.0122. It has the solid texture if it is kept inside the room temperature. If you are interested to know the boiling point, melting point and density of Beryllium, check the following post below:

Facts about Beryllium 1: the boiling and melting point

The boiling point of Beryllium is 4476°F, while it has the melting point at 2349°F. The density is 1.85 grams per cm cubed.

Facts about Beryllium 2: the rare metal

It is not easy for the people to get the pure form of beryllium in the nature. It is included as a very rare metal. If you check the period table, beryllium can be found on the second column. It is included as member of the alkaline earth metal.

Beryllium Element

Beryllium Element

Facts about Beryllium 3: the color

The color of beryllium is in silver gray metallic color. This metal is brittle and strong in the Free State.

Facts about Beryllium 4: the characteristics

Beryllium is considered as a metal with the highest melting point even though it is lightweight. Moreover, it has high thermal conductivity and nonmagnetic feature.

Facts about Beryllium

Facts about Beryllium

Facts about Beryllium 5: carcinogen

You have to be careful when you handle beryllium.  It can lead into the development of cancer in human being due to the carcinogenic effect. You should never inhale or taste for it can be poisonous and toxic for human.

Facts about Beryllium 6: where can you find Beryllium?

You can find Beryllium in minerals such as bertrandiet and beryl. The gemstones such as aquamarine and emealrd also contain Beryllium. More than two-third of beryllium product in the world is from the state of Utah. Besides US, Russia also mines and extracts Beryllium.



Facts about Beryllium 7: the usage of beryllium

Even though beryllium is poisonous, it has been used in various applications in military and technologies. It is used as shield in nuclear reactors, moderator and x-ray machine.

Facts about Beryllium 8: metal alloys

The industries also use beryllium to form the metal alloys such as beryllium nickel and beryllium copper. Find out antimatter facts here.

Beryllium Pic

Beryllium Pic

Facts about Beryllium 9: Louis Nicolas Vauquelin

Louis Nicolas Vauquelin took the credit as the discoverer of beryllium. He was a French chemist who had an experiment with beryl and emerald in 1798. Get facts about bauxite here.

Facts about Beryllium 10: Friedrich Wohler

Friedrich Wohler was the German chemist who isolated the first pure beryllium in 1828. He named the metal beryllium for he did not like the word glucinum.

Beryllium Facts

Beryllium Facts

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