10 Facts about Biosphere

Sunday, July 5th 2015. | Biology

Facts about Biosphere tell you about all zones of life and all ecosystems in the world. It engages the relationship between the living organisms with the global ecological system. There is no need to wonder that you will learn more about the interaction of the living organism with the atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and lithosphere. Here are other interesting facts about biosphere that you can learn:

Facts about Biosphere 1: the evolution of biosphere

Biosphere has evolved.  It started from the non living matter or simple organic compound which created the life. This process is called bioprocess which conducted around 3.5 billion years ago.

Facts about Biosphere 2: the life of earth

It is not easy for the scientists to determine the life of earth.  However, they can estimate it after the discovery of the metasedimentary rocks from Western Greenland. The scientists believed that it was dated back around 3.7 billion years old.

Biosphere Facts

Biosphere Facts

Facts about Biosphere 3: another evidence for the earth’s life

Evidence was found in Western Australia. The discovery of microbial mat fossils made the scientists estimated that the earth was dated around 3.48 billion years ago.

Facts about Biosphere 4: the general definition of biosphere

Let’s find out the general definition of biosphere.  Some people believe that it is the self regulating system which contains the ecosystem. Based on this general definition, we may believe that actually biosphere probably is occurred in other planets too. The BIOS-3 and Biosphere 2 are included as the artificial biosphere.

Facts about Biosphere

Facts about Biosphere

Facts about Biosphere 5: the term biosphere

In 1875, Eduard Suess took the credit of using the term biosphere for the first time. He defined this biosphere as the surface of earth where people could find life.

Facts about Biosphere 6: the water and land on earth

If you check out the pictures of earth from the satellite, you know that it contains more water than land. It is stated that more than 71 percent of the earth surface is water. Get facts about biology here.



Facts about Biosphere 7: the microbes

The microbes are included as the living organisms too. They can be found beneath the terrestrial surface of our planet. Get facts about adaptation here.

Facts about Biosphere 8: the thickness

If you have a question about the exact thickness of biosphere, it is very hard to do.

Biosphere Pictures

Biosphere Pictures

Facts about Biosphere 9: the altitude

The thickness is not easy to know because the birds can be found in various altitudes. For instance, you can find Rüppell’s vulture flying at 11,300 metres.

Facts about Biosphere 10: the microscopic organism

The microscopic organism can be seen not only beneath earth, but also on the upper atmosphere of earth.

Biosphere Image

Biosphere Image

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