10 Facts about Bodh Gaya

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Find out the information the famous religious site for the pilgrimage in Facts about Bodh Gaya. The location of Bodh Gaya is in Bihar, India. In the Gaya district, you can find out the Mahabodhi Temple Complex. This place is interesting and because it is the place where the Gautama Buddha received the Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. Get more interesting facts about Bodh Gaya below:

Facts about Bodh Gaya 1: the pilgrimage site

Bodh Gaya is considered as one of the four important sites for the Buddhists. It is very important to learn the life of Gautama Buddha. The other three pilgrimage sites include Sarnath, Lumbini and Kushinagar.

Facts about Bodh Gaya 2: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mahabodhi Temple was included as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. The location of this temple is in Bodh Gaya complex.

Facts about Bodh Gaya

Facts about Bodh Gaya

Facts about Bodh Gaya 3: the location of Bodh Gaya complex

If you are interested to visit Bodh Gaya complex, you just have to reach the area 110 km from Patna. Get facts about Bihar here.

Facts about Bodh Gaya 4: the attractiveness

The main attractiveness of Bodh Gaya is located on the Mahabodhi Tempe. It is decorated with Vajrasana or a diamond throne. You can also see the holy Bodhi Tree.

Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya

Facts about Bodh Gaya 5: Emperor Ashoka

Emperor Ashoka is believed by the people to have visited Bodh Gaya around 280 years after Buddha got the Enlightenment.

Facts about Bodh Gaya 6: the Mahabodhi Temple

People believe that Mahabodhi Temple was founded originally by Emperor Ashoka. The platform features a chhatravali. You can also find a miniature stupa. If you want to reach the upper sanctum and platform, you can have to access the double flight of steps. Get facts about Averbury here.

Bodh Gaya Picture

Bodh Gaya Picture

Facts about Bodh Gaya 7: the construction or renovation

The construction and renovation of Mahabodhi Temple occurred during the Kushan Period in the first century. Then the temple was forgotten and neglected since Buddhism was declined.

Facts about Bodh Gaya 8: the restoration of Mahabodhi Temple

During 19th century, Sir Alexander Cunningham renovated the Mahabodhi Temple. The excavation of the site was conducted by Cunningham, Dr Rajendralal Miitra and J. D. Beglar in 1883.

Bodh Gaya Facts

Bodh Gaya Facts

Facts about Bodh Gaya 9: the bombing

The bombing occurred in Mahabodhi Temple at 5.15 am on 7 July 2013. It was conducted by the Islamic terrorist organization because they wanted to avenge the killing of Muslims in Burma.

Facts about Bodh Gaya 10: the population of the people

There were 30,883 people who lived in Bodh Gaya based on the census in 2001.

Bodh Gaya Pic

Bodh Gaya Pic

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