10 Facts about Bonn

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Let me show you one of the attractive cities in the world in Facts about Bonn. You can find out the birthplace of Beethoven in Bonngasse. This city is also a home to various beautiful churches, museums and monuments. You can visit Münsterplatz for it houses the Beethoven Monument. Check out more interesting facts about Bonn by reading the below post:

Facts about Bonn 1: the highest building in Bonn

If you want to know the highest building in Bonn, you need to visit Bonn-Venusberg.  The highest building has the height at 180 meter. It is the radio mast of WDR.

Facts about Bonn 2: the second and third highest building in Bonn

The third highest building in Bonn is the new place for UN Campus. In the past, the building was for German members of parliament Langer Eugen. It has the height at 114.7 meter. The Post Tower has the height at 162.5 meter. Find out Berlin facts here.

Bonn City

Bonn City

Facts about Bonn 3: churches

Bonn also houses several churches such as Old Cemetery Bonn, Bonn Minster, Kreuzbergkirche and Doppelkirche Schwarzrheindorf.

Facts about Bonn 4: museums

You can also visit different kinds of museums in Bonn. If you want to know the museum dedicated for August Macke, you can visit August-Macke-Haus. If you want to know the Guggenheim Collection in 2006–2007, you can go to Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Facts about Bonn

Facts about Bonn

Facts about Bonn 5: the parks

You can enjoy a wonderful view on the banks of Rhine by visiting Rheinaue. If you want to know the world record for Titan Arum, visit Botanischer Garten. Other parks in Bonn are Rhine promenade and the Alter Zoll, Arboretum Park Härle and Kottenforst.

Facts about Bonn 6: the university

One of the famous universities in Bonn is Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms Universität Bonn. Bonn also houses different educational institutions such as King Fahd Academy, Amos-Comenius-Gymnasium, and Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium.

Bonn Skyline

Bonn Skyline

Facts about Bonn 7: the population

Bonn was a home to 327,913 people based on the report in 2011. The non German origin occupies 30 percent of the people in Bonn. More than 70 percent are the German origin.

Facts about Bonn 8: the head office

The big companies with the head office in Bonn include SolarWorld, German Academic Exchange Service, Haribo and T-Mobile. Find out facts about Bogota here.

Bonn Facts

Bonn Facts

Facts about Bonn 9: Telekom Baskets Bonn

Telekom Baskets Bonn is based in Bonn. It is the only basketball club in the country. Telekom Dome is the arena for this club.

Facts about Bonn 10: the football team

Bonner SC is the name of the amateur football team of Bonn.

Bonn Beauty

Bonn Beauty

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