10 Facts about Boxer Rebellion

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Check the information about the anti imperialist uprising in Facts about Boxer Rebellion. This act is also called as Yihetuan Movement or Boxer Uprising. It occurred in 1899 till 1901 at the end of Qing Dynasty. The Yihetuan or Militia United in Righteousness initiated the uprising.  In English, this militia is called the Boxers. Here are other facts about boxer rebellion:

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 1: the motivation

The boxer rebellion is highly motivated because of the conflict of the Yihetuan to the Christian missionary activity as well as the foreign imperialism.

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 2: the Chinese forces

During the rebellion, the Chinese forces were defeated by the Great Powers.

Boxer Rebellion History

Boxer Rebellion History

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 3: the foreign influence

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the foreign influence was very high in China. The severe drought experienced by the people in China became the backdrop of the uprising.

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 4: “Support Qing government and exterminate the foreigners”

“Support Qing government and exterminate the foreigners” is the slogan that the Boxers fighters had to struggle the foreign influence in China. The Boxers fighters were very confident. They believed to be invulnerable to the foreign weapons in June 1990.

Facts about Boxer Rebellion

Facts about Boxer Rebellion

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 5: Empress Dowager Cixi

Empress Dowager Cixi gave her support to the Boxers.  She also declared the war with the Chinese Christians and foreigners.

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 6: the battle

For 55 days, the Boxers and Imperial of China made the Chinese Christians, soldiers, foreign civilians and diplomats under siege.

Boxer Rebellion

Boxer Rebellion

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 7: Prince Qing

Prince Qing was the one who supported the conciliation between the Chinese forces and boxers. Manchu General Ronglu was the supreme commander of the Chinese forces. Check facts about Bow Street Runners here.

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 8: the Imperial Army

The Imperial army was defeated by the Eight Nation Alliances. At first, the alliance decided to turn back. But they finally moved forward again by having 20,000 armed soldiers in China. On 14 August, the Eight Nation Alliance was able to control Beijing.

Boxer Rebellion Picture

Boxer Rebellion Picture

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 9: execution of Boxers

Those suspected of being boxers were executed. Find out facts about Boston Tea Party here.

Facts about Boxer Rebellion 10: the Boxer Protocol

On 7 September 1901, the Boxer Protocol was made. It was stated that the government officials who supported the boxers would be executed. The eight nation involved will be paid for 450 million taels of silver for 39 years.

Boxer Rebellion Image

Boxer Rebellion Image

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