10 Facts about British Culture

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Facts about British Culture tell you about the culture of the people in United Kingdom. The British culture is composed from the influences of four countries in United Kingdom. Those are Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Christian religious life, European culture, Protestantism, humanism, and liberal democracy also shape the culture of Britain. Here are some interesting facts about British culture for you:

Facts about British Culture 1: the respectable culture

The respectable culture of Britain can be seen in architecture, comedian, art, drama, painting, literature, music, philosophy, TV and media.

Facts about British Culture 2: sport

Britain is also famous as the origin of various sports in the world. The famous one is football where people in the country love to play and watch the game.

Facts about British Culture

Facts about British Culture

Facts about British Culture 3: London

London is considered the cultural capital in the world due to the various aspects of culture presented in the city. Britain takes the title as the cultural superpower. Get facts about Big Ben here.

Facts about British Culture 4: the influence of British culture

The influence of British culture can be seen in the British Empire. The countries such as India, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, US, and Canada are influenced by British culture that you can observe on the culture and language.

British Culture

British Culture

Facts about British Culture 5: language

English is considered as an important language in the world. It is the de facto official language in United Kingdom. More than 95 percent of all people in UK speak English.

Facts about British Culture 6: the literary tradition

The literary tradition of British culture is derived from the literary combination of Wales, Scotland and England.

British Culture Facts

British Culture Facts

Facts about British Culture 7: the national poet

The national poet of Scotland is Robert Burn. The notable poets in19th century were Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Wordsworth, William Blake, and Lord Byron.

Facts about British Culture 8: Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling is considered as the most favorite author in 20th century.  The people in Britain love to read If— (1895) by Kipling. He earned a Nobel Prize for Literature.

British Culture Picture

British Culture Picture

Facts about British Culture 9: the patriotic songs

One of the popular patriotic songs in Britain is “Rule, Britannia!”. The national anthem of Britain is “God Save the Queen”. Scots Wha Hae”, “Scotland the Brave” and “Flower of Scotland” are the patriotic songs of Scotland.

Facts about British Culture 10: the famous actors and actresses from Britain

The notable actresses and actors from Britain include Jude Law, Jason Statham, Tom Hardy, Catherine Zeta-Jones,  Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale, Liam Neeson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Helena Bonham Carter, and many more. Get facts about Braveheart here.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

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