10 Facts about Canals

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Facts about Canals present the interesting information about the human made channels.  During 19th century, canals were important as part of the commercial pathways. The canals were made by dividing the rivers. Even though they were built in the past, today people still access those canals. Here are some interesting facts about canals:

Facts about Canals 1: the engineered structures

The engineered structures are employed when the people want to create canals. The function of the structure is to increase the navigation.

Facts about Canals 2: the types of engineered structures

There are several engineered structures for the canals. The ships and barges will be easier to ascend and descend if the canals have locks. If the canal has the rapids or falls, the looping descents will be employed to create gentle and mild channel.



Facts about Canals 3: the construction of canals

If you think that the construction of canals is very easy to do, you are wrong.  The creator usually has to add the improvement on their canal construction such as aqueducts or viaducts. The improvement is functional to maintain the water in the channel or to link the water over the road.

Facts about Canals 4: the types of canals

There are two types of canals in generals. Both are the aqueducts and waterways.

Facts about Canals

Facts about Canals

Facts about Canals 5: the aqueducts

The main function of aqueduct is for agricultural irrigation, hydro power canals, municipal uses, and potable water for human consumption. People often call it as the water supply canal.

Facts about Canals 6: the waterway canals

The main function of waterway canal is for transportation. People can use it to travel from one place to other places and to deliver goods. Get facts about boats here.

Canals Facts

Canals Facts

Facts about Canals 7: the types of waterway canals

There are two types of waterways canals. The first one links the city network, while the second one links the river, lake, ocean or sea. The examples of the waterway canal used as a city network include the waterways of Bangkok, the gracht of Amsterdam, and Canal Grande. Find facts about airships here.

Facts about Canals 8: the importance of canals

Canal is very important in the growth of human civilization. It had been made since the ancient time. In 17th until 20th century, the modern canals flourished and boosted the economies and industries.

Canals Pic

Canals Pic

Facts about Canals 9: the usage of canals today

Today, canals are not popular. People choose railways to transport their good. But the largest ship transportation and bulk cargo service still use it.

Facts about Canals 10: the canals which link the high body of land

Panama Canal, Canal de Briare and Canal du Midi are included as the canals which link the higher body of land such as hills or valleys.



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