10 Facts about Canterbury Tales

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Let’s find out the collection of 24 stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer in Facts about Canterbury Tales. This book is very important for the people who want to know more about English Literature. Chaucer wrote the book during the Middle English Period. It has 24 stories which contain 17,000 lines. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Canterbury Tales below:

Facts about Canterbury Tales 1: who was Chaucer?

He was Controller of Customs and Justice of Peach in 1386. In 1389, he became the Clerk of King’s Work.

Facts about Canterbury Tales 2: writing the Canterbury Tales

Chaucer started writing his Canterbury Tales during the years where he became the Clerk of King’s Work.

Canterbury Tales Book

Canterbury Tales Book

Facts about Canterbury Tales 3: the main inspiration

The primary inspiration of Chaucer when writing Canterbury Tales is from the pilgrims who visited the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket located at Canterbury Cathedral. Becket was killed by the knights of King Henry II in the cathedral.

Facts about Canterbury Tales 4: the writing style

Canterbury Tales by Chaucer was written in verse style. But you can find few lines were written in prose.

Canterbury Tales Pictures

Canterbury Tales Pictures

Facts about Canterbury Tales 5: the story

A group of pilgrims tried to reach the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral from London to Canterbury. They traveled together. There was a story telling contest among the pilgrims. The free meal at the Tabard Inn located at Southwark would be given to the winner of the contest on their return from the Canterbury Cathedral. Find books facts here.

Facts about Canterbury Tales 6: the earlier works

Actually there were several works which had been written by Chaucer before. Those include “Parliament of Fowls”, House of Fame, and Troilus and Criseyde.

Canterbury Tales Verses

Canterbury Tales Verses

Facts about Canterbury Tales 7: the portrait of English Society

When you read Canterbury Tales, you can find the critical and ironic description of the English society and church through the characters that he invented in the tales.  Get facts about Banned Books here.

Facts about Canterbury Tales 8: the characters

All characters in Canterbury tales were fictional. But those characters were successful to give the readers an insight of the tradition, practice and customs of the people.

Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales

Facts about Canterbury Tales 9: the discussions

The presence of Canterbury Tales led into discussions due to the depiction of English society and church in 14th century. There were several people who disagreed about it.

Facts about Canterbury Tales 10: the contribution of Canterbury tales

Canterbury Tales gives a big contribution to English Literature for it makes English more popular than Latin, Italian and French.

Facts about Canterbury Tales

Facts about Canterbury Tales

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