10 Facts about Carnivores

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Get the information about the meat eater animals in Facts about Carnivores. The word carnivore is taken from the Latin language. The word caro means flesh or meat, while the word vorare means to devour.  The main diet of the carnivores is mainly from the animal tissue. The animals can get this diet from scavenging or even predation. Check other interesting facts about carnivores below:

Facts about Carnivores 1: the food chain

The apex predator is the term used to call the carnivore located at the top of the food chain.

Facts about Carnivores 2: the carnivorous plants

If you think that only animals are carnivorous, you are wrong.  The plants can get the energy by eating animals. You can call them the carnivorous plants. The well known one is the Venus flytrap. The carnivorous fungi are presented too. They capture the microscopic animals. Find facts about carnivorous plants here.

Carnivores Facts

Carnivores Facts

Facts about Carnivores 3: insectivores

Insectivore is another term to note. It is used to define the carnivores which eat insects. Piscivores are the carnivores which eat mainly on fish.

Facts about Carnivores 4: the large piscivore amphibians

Do you know that the first vertebrates which conquered the land were the large piscivore amphibians?  The evolution of the animals happened around 400 million years ago. Then it was followed by the evolution of insectivores and other vertebrates.

Carnivores Pic

Carnivores Pic

Facts about Carnivores 5: the percentage of meat

Whether the living organism included as carnivores or not depend on the percentage of meat in the diet. If the percentage of meat consumed is less than 30 percent, it is called hypocarnivore. If the percentage of meat consumed is around 50 to 70 percent, it is called mesocarnivore. If the organism consumes more than 70 percent meat, it is called hypercarnivore.

Facts about Carnivores 6: the non animal foods

The carnivores also consume the small amount of non animal foods. They like to eat fungi, plant material or fruits.



Facts about Carnivores 7: the carnivorous mammalian predators

The carnivorous mammalian predators usually have the strong jaws and sharp teeth. The traits can be seen on the Bengal tiger.

Facts about Carnivores 8: the true carnivores

The true carnivore is also called as the obligate carnivore. The main energy and nutrient of this carnivore is only derived from the meat, flesh and organ.

Carnivores Image

Carnivores Image

Facts about Carnivores 9: the scavengers

If you think that all carnivores are hunter, you are wrong. Some of them are scavengers.

Facts about Carnivores 10: characteristics of hunting carnivores

The hunting carnivores have evolved eyes which enable them to get the deep perception. The digestive system is short. Get facts about Carnotaurus here.

Facts about Carnivores

Facts about Carnivores

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