10 Facts about Cartoons

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Facts about Cartoons present the information about the illustration visual art available in 2D. Actually the specific definition of cartoon has changed from time to time due to the presence of modern technology.  But in most cases, cartoon can be used for artistic style, entertainment, humor, caricature and satire. It can be made in semi realistic or realistic drawing. Here are other impressive facts about cartoon to note:

Facts about Cartoons 1: who creates the cartoons?

You can call the people who create cartoon as cartoonist. It is not easy to become a cartoonist since you have to draw images without flaws.

Facts about Cartoons 2: the concept of cartoon

The original concept of cartoon was taken from the art of middle Ages. It was used as an art to decorate the stained glass windows, tapestry, fresco and painting.



Facts about Cartoons 3: cartoon in 19th century

In 19th century, cartoon was used by the people to fill the newspaper and magazines. They presented the humorous illustrations.

Facts about Cartoons 4: cartoons in 20th century

In 20th century, the modern technology evolved. Cartoon is no longer seen as an art or illustration. People begin to draw cartoon as a comic strip. They also create the animated movies from cartoon.



Facts about Cartoons 5: the animated movies

There are various animated movies produced. You have to watch Spongebobs, Cinderella, Cars, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, and many more.

Facts about Cartoons 6: cartoon and other fields

Cartoon is not only used for entertainment. You can also find cartoon in other fields such as technology, mathematic and sciences.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Facts about Cartoons 7: the well known cartoonist

If you are interested to check the usage of cartoon in scientific work, check the art of Gary Larson. Sidney Harris’ works are impressive too. The interesting cartoons associated with chemistry and science include Wonderlab and xkcd. Get facts about Captain America here.

Facts about Cartoons 8: the impression of movement

The impression of movement in the cartoon creates the animated cartoon movie. The illustrated images will give the impression of movement if they are made in fast succession.

Facts about Cartoons

Facts about Cartoons

Facts about Cartoons 9: the famous cartoon

In 1988, people watched the famous live action animated movie of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In 1990, the animated TV series Tiny Toon Adventures was very popular. Get facts about Big Hero 6 here.

Facts about Cartoons 10: the target

The main targets for animated cartoon are children and young adults. The themes usually are about superheroes, fairy tales and animals.

Cartoon Pic

Cartoon Pic

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