10 Facts about Cloverfield

Tuesday, January 19th 2016. | Entertainment

By reading Facts about Cloverfield, you can learn more about this horror film. There are some interesting details of this famous film taking place in New York City. For your information, the film is about the attack of a giant monster toward the city

Facts about Cloverfield 1: The Inspiration

The film got the inspiration from Godzilla toys. The producer, Abrams, visited a toy store with his son in Japan. He considered the United States lacked a gigantic monster and he decided to make a film regarding this idea.

Facts about Cloverfield 2: The First Trailer

The trailer was initially played before Transformers in 2007. At the trailer, there was a great explosion in the middle of New York City. It lacked title and the Liberty Statue’s head being flown away at that time.

Cloverfield Cast

Cloverfield Cast

Facts about Cloverfield 3: The Poster

Abram was quite disappointed when he didn’t see any Liberty Statue’s head lying on the ground in a film he loved ‘Escape from New York’. He felt cheated with the poster. Due to this reason, he decided to show the real thing based on the poster for his film.

Facts about Cloverfield 4: The Secrecy

The makers didn’t mean to keep the move as a secret. However, they decided to keep the secrecy because the title was leaking fast on the internet.

Cloverfield facts

Cloverfield facts

Facts about Cloverfield 5: The Survivors?

The filmmakers won’t tell whether or not there were survivors. The sequel is on the go actually. Matt Reeves, the director, stated that there is a possibility of a sequel. However, he stated that it will be the same attack from the same monster, but seen from another perspective.

Facts about Cloverfield 6: The DV Camera

Most of the scenes were shot with HVX200 DV camera. There were other cameras used for the effects of the entire scenes during the filming.

Cloverfield Movie

Cloverfield Movie

Facts about Cloverfield 7: The Fake Titles

The duration of the filming was 34 days. It took place in LA under the title ‘Slusho’. It also took place in New York by using the title ‘Cheese’. Both of those titles were fakes. Get Citizen Kane facts here.

Facts about Cloverfield 8: The Head of Liberty Statue

The Liberty Statue’s head was shown way much bigger than the real size. The reason behind this is the complaints given upon the trailer. People said the head was too small in the trailer.

Facts about Cloverfield

Facts about Cloverfield

Facts about Cloverfield 9: The Motion Sickness

Many theaters put the warning sign for the guests during the release of the film. It said the film may lead to a slight sickness caused by the movements of camera.

Facts about Cloverfield 10: The Sleeping Monster

The camera is facing to the sea in the final scene and it accidentally catches the moment when a broken satellite hit the Earth and woke up the sleeping monster. Find facts about Clash of Clans here.

Cloverfield Plot

Cloverfield Plot

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