10 Facts about Charles Booth

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Find out the interesting information about the English social researcher and reformer on Facts about Charles Booth. He was born on 30 March 1840 and died on 23 November 1916. The biggest contribution that he made was when he documented the working class people who lived in London in 19th century. His documentation along with the work of Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree made the government focused more on the poverty in 20th century. Here are other interesting facts about Booth below:

Facts about Charles Booth 1: the important contributions

There are various contributions that Booth had made due to his documentation. He contributed to the free school of meals given for the least fortunate kids and the creation of Old Age pensions.

Facts about Charles Booth 2: Mary Macaulay

Mary Macaulay was the wife of Booth. Martha Beatrice Webb was the cousin of his wife. She was an author and Fabian socialist who worked along with Booth about poverty research.

Charles Barkley Image

Charles Barkley Image

Facts about Charles Booth 3: the date and place of birth

Charles Booth was born on March 30th, 1840 in Liverpool, Lancashire. His mother was Emily Fletcher and his father was Charles Booth. His father was an important Unitarian, corn merchant and rich ship-owner. He was from the ancient Cheshire family.

Facts about Charles Booth 4: education

Booth’s education was gained from the Royal Institution School in Liverpool. When he was 16 years old, he became an apprentice in the family business.

Charles Booth Image

Charles Booth Image

Facts about Charles Booth 5: the death of his father

In 1860, the father of Booth died. Therefore, he had to control the family business. Booth was successful to do it since he added a glove manufacturing business in the family line’s businesses.

Facts about Charles Booth 6: other businesses

Booth was a very successful businessman. He also had a leather and skin business. Get facts about Berlie Doherty here.

Charles Booth Pic

Charles Booth Pic

Facts about Charles Booth 7: politics

Booth was interested to be involved in politics. However, he failed to reach the seat in the 1865 General election for the liberal parliamentary candidate. Get facts about Cathy Cassidy here.

Facts about Charles Booth 8: Poverty

Booth was concerned with the statistical data of poverty. H. M. Hyndman who was the leader of Social Democratic Federation stated that there was only 25 percent of Londoner live-in abject poverty.

Facts about Charles Booth

Facts about Charles Booth

Facts about Charles Booth 9: the real fact about poverty

Booth criticized the statement of Hyndman since he investigated the poverty in London and stated that 35 percent of them live in abject poverty.

Facts about Charles Booth 10: the works of Booth

The documentation of booth about poverty in London was published in 1889 with the title Life and Labor of the People. In 1891, he published the second volume.

Charles Booth Pictures

Charles Booth Pictures

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