10 Facts about Cheesecake

Tuesday, November 24th 2015. | Culinary

If you are interested to know more about the sweet dish which contains cheese, you have to read Facts about Cheesecake. This cake can be made in one or more layers. If you have two layers of cheesecake, the bottom layer usually serves as the base. It can be made of graham crackers, crushed cookies, sponge cake, or pastries. The top part is made of eggs, sugar, and fresh cheese. It is considered as the thickest layer. Find out other interesting facts about cheesecake below:

Facts about Cheesecake 1: baking process

If you want to make a cheesecake, you have to decide whether you want it baked or unbaked. If you decide to have it unbaked, it means that you have to refrigerate it.

Facts about Cheesecake 2: the sweet taste

Cheesecake is sweet. People love it much. There are many ways to make this cake sweet. The most common one is by adding sugar on the top of the cake.

Cheesecake Facts

Cheesecake Facts

Facts about Cheesecake 3: the topping

The topping for this cheesecake depends on the taste. You can have whipped cream, fruit, fruits sauce, chocolate syrup or nuts.

Facts about Cheesecake 4: the flavors

There are various flavors to make cheesecake. You can pick chestnut, pumpkin, strawberry, toffee, or even key lime.

Cheesecake Pic

Cheesecake Pic

Facts about Cheesecake 5: the different version of cheesecake

Cheesecake is made in different versions based on the habit of a certain country in the world. The cream cheese is used to create cheesecake in Canada and United States. Quark is used in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. Ricotta is used by the people in Italy to make cheesecake.

Facts about Cheesecake 6: the cheesecake in South Africa

There are wide arrays of South African cheesecakes versions. It can be filled with gelatin, cream cheese or whipped cream. Most of them are not baked.

Cheesecake Taste

Cheesecake Taste

Facts about Cheesecake 7: the Asian styled cheesecake

If you are interested to taste the Asian styled cheesecake, you can have it mixed with mango or powdered Japanese green tea as the flavor.

Facts about Cheesecake 8: the Australian cheesecake

The cheesecake in Australia is not baked. You can use vanilla, caramel, lemon, raspberry, and chocolate as the flavors. Find facts about butter here.

Facts about Cheesecake

Facts about Cheesecake

Facts about Cheesecake 9: the French cheesecake

The binding ingredient on the French cheesecake is made of gelatin. It has light texture. Get facts about bread here.

Facts about Cheesecake 10: cheesecake in Greece

Since the antiquity, the people in Greece have already known cheesecake. Mizithra is used to create the cake.

Cheesecake Picture

Cheesecake Picture

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