10 Facts about Citric Acid

Saturday, January 2nd 2016. | Chemistry

Let’s find out the interesting information about the weak organic tribasic acid on Facts about Citric Acid. If you want to get the natural form of critic acid, it is available on the citrus fruits. During the metabolism of all aerobic organisms, there is a cycle of citric acid. The critic acid is mostly used as a chelating agent, acidifier and flavoring. There is no need to wonder that the manufactured citric acid reaches a million tons. Get other facts about citric acid below:

Facts about Citric Acid 1: the food and beverages

There are various foods, soft drinks and beverages manufactured by using citric acid as the dominant flavoring.

Facts about Citric Acid 2: E number E330

E number E330 is used to denote the citric acid in the European Union. Food Chemicals Codex is the body which defines the citric acid as a food additive in United States.

Citric Acid Facts

Citric Acid Facts

Facts about Citric Acid 3: how to control the pH

The manufacturers use the buffering properties of citrates inside the pharmaceuticals and household cleaners when they want to control the pH.

Facts about Citric Acid 4: the usage of citric acid drinks

The people who want to make a delicious lemon juice always add citric acid. Moreover, it can be used to prevent the sucrose crystallization in caramel. The people also add citric acid as an emulsifying agent in ice cream.

Facts about Citric Acid

Facts about Citric Acid

Facts about Citric Acid 5: effervescent formulae

There are various effervescent formulae created in by using citric acid. It can be seen in various products of tablets, bath salts, cleaning of grease, bath bombs and powders.

Facts about Citric Acid 6: the dry powdered form

Sour salt is the dry powdered form of citric acid. It can be found easily in the groceries and markets. This sour salt reminds you with the physical look of the table salt.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid

Facts about Citric Acid 7: the culinary usage

The sour salt is used by the people for culinary purposes.  When the pure acid is needed to create food or drink, you can use the sour salt. It is the alternative if there is no lemon juice or vinegar.

Facts about Citric Acid 8: soap and laundry detergent

The soap and laundry detergents also contain the citric acid for it can soften the water. Check facts about cerium here.

Citric Acid Product

Citric Acid Product

Facts about Citric Acid 9: the hard water stains

The hard water stains on the glass can be removed easily when you use the solution with a six percent concentration of citric acid.

Facts about Citric Acid 10: the industry

Citric acid is used to remove the rust from the steel in the industrial world. Get facts about chromium here.

Citric Acid Pic

Citric Acid Pic

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