10 Facts about Classification

Friday, January 8th 2016. | Science

Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Classification in the biological science by reading the below post. The biological organisms will be classified and defined based on the taxonomy. The people will classify the organisms based on the similar characteristics. There will be taxonomic hierarchy in the biological classification. The organisms which share similar characteristics will be grouped into taxa. Then this group can create a higher rank by making a super group. Here is interesting information about classification to note:

Facts about Classification 1: who is the father of taxonomy?

Do you know the father of taxonomy? He was Carolus Linnaeus. He was a botanist who came from Sweden.

Facts about Classification 2: the works of Carolus Linnaeus

Carolus Linnaeus is an important person in the field of biology for he created binomial nomenclature to give the name of the organisms. Moreover, he also created categorization of organisms in his Linnaean classification. Find facts about Linnaeus here.

Animal Classification

Animal Classification

Facts about Classification 3: the progress of Linnaean classification system

The Linnaean classification system is improved from time to time because of the development in various fields of study like systematic, cladistics and phylogenetics.

Facts about Classification 4: the word taxonomy

In 1813, Candolle introduced the word taxonomy through his book with the title Théorie élémentaire de la botanique. Find facts about biotic factors here.

Bird Classification

Bird Classification

Facts about Classification 5: alpha taxonomy

Today most people use alpha taxonomy. People define it as a field of study which name, describe and find taxa.

Facts about Classification 6: the term alpha taxonomy

In 1935 and 1937, the term alpha taxonomy was introduced by William Bertram Turrill in his series of papers.

Classification Facts

Classification Facts

Facts about Classification 7: beta taxonomy

Beta taxonomy is a term used to describe the higher ranks of classification other than species. Therefore, when you talk about beta taxonomy, you will know the hierarchy of categories.

Facts about Classification 8: the oldest profession

Taxonomy is often called as the oldest professional in the world. The people who engaged in the activity will name and classify the organisms in the surrounding areas. This activity has been conducted by the people since the early history.



Facts about Classification 9: the importance of taxonomy

Taxonomy is very important in the biological classification. You will be able to note the names of the edible plants and poisonous plants by checking the taxonomy.

Facts about Classification 10: the taxonomy in ancient time

Since the ancient time, the people had used the simple taxonomy. In the Egyptian wall painting dated back circa 1500 BC, there was medical plant illustration. It gave us a hint that the ancient Egyptian tried to communicate the basic taxonomy.



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