10 Facts about Clint Eastwood

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These Facts about Clint Eastwood may blow your mind. Why? You may never know what kind of person Eastwood is. There are some unrevealed trivia behind the camera. This famous actor is more than a simple man. Let’s check below.

Facts about Clint Eastwood 1: The Gap between Arts and Life

He once had a film related to stalking. Actually, he had the same experience in his life regarding that issue. It was in 2011 when a man broke into this actor’s house. The name was Eric James and he claimed to be a son of Eastwood.

Facts about Clint Eastwood 2: He Saved a Life

Eastwood found himself saving someone’s life. He once performed the Heimlich maneuver well when there as a man who choked on his food during a golf tournament in 2014.

Clint Eastwood Actor

Clint Eastwood Actor

Facts about Clint Eastwood 3: The Good Swimmer

Clint is a good swimmer. He was a swim instructor and lifeguard. He proved his skill by swimming a mile to coast when his plane crashed into the bay in San Francisco.

Facts about Clint Eastwood 4: The Pianist

Some people have recognized him as a talented musician. In his films, he also played a piano. Moreover, he also wrote some scores for his movies. He even played at Carnegie Hall during a concert in the 1990s.

Clint Eastwood Pic

Clint Eastwood Pic

Facts about Clint Eastwood 5: The Missing Roles

Clint Eastwood was once picked to play James Bond. Unfortunately, this actor turned the offer down. He said that such role should be played by a British actor. Not to mention he also refused the role of Superman.

Facts about Clint Eastwood 6: The Big Tree

He has a tree on his house land in Northern California. In 2000, it was registered as the largest in the USA. However, there is a bigger tree growing up two years later. Still, his tree is one of the biggest among others.

Clint Eastwood Image

Clint Eastwood Image

Facts about Clint Eastwood 7: The Reality Show

‘Mrs. Eastwood & Company’ was his wife’s reality show. Dina had her own show and invited her husband for the short run. The show focused on Dina’s life as a wife of a famous actor in Hollywood.

Facts about Clint Eastwood 8: The Allergy

Even though he was in many Western films, he is sensitive to horses. This is a surprising fact actually. His dedication empowered him through all those movies for sure. Find facts about Chris Rock here.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Facts about Clint Eastwood 9: A Political Life

Clint also involved in politics. He spoke at the RNC in 2012. His political film ‘American Sniper’ also showed his side of being a politician. Not to mention he served as Camel by the Sea mayor in California.

Facts about Clint Eastwood 10: The Side Jobs

He took some odd jobs before he became an actor. He once was a truck driver, logger, and firefighter. Get facts about Chuck Norris here.

facts about Clint Eastwood

facts about Clint Eastwood

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