10 Facts about Colima Volcano

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Facts about Colima Volcano present the information about one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico and Central America. People also call it Volcán de Fuego or Volcán de Colima. Volcán de Colima, Nevado de Colima and El Cantaro are included in CVC or Colima Volcanic Complex. The latter one is extinct. Colima Volcano is the youngest one in CVC. Here are other interesting Colima Volcano facts to note:

Facts about Colima Volcano 1: the active volcano

Colima Volcano is considered as an active volcano. Since 1576, Colima Volcano has erupted over than 40 times.

Facts about Colima Volcano 2: the largest eruption

One of the largest eruptions of Colima Volcano took place on 20 till 24 January 1913. It is located around 3.1 miles or 5 km off Nevado de Colima.

Colima Volcano Facts

Colima Volcano Facts

Facts about Colima Volcano 3: Colima volcano observatory

Colima volcano observatory was installed in University of Colima, Mexico. The primary job of the observatory is to monitor the activity of Colima Volcano.

Facts about Colima Volcano 4: the specialized team

The Colima Volcano observatory had a specialized team. Every event produced by the Colima Volcano will be interpreted and analyzed by the team.

Colima Volcano Pic

Colima Volcano Pic

Facts about Colima Volcano 5: a webcam

There was a webcam installed near Colima Volcano. It enables the people to check the status of this volcano.

Facts about Colima Volcano 6: the surface area

Even though volcano is called Colima Volcano, actually only a fraction of the volcano is located in Colima State.

Colima Volcano

Colima Volcano

Facts about Colima Volcano 7: the major surface areas

The major surface areas of Colima Volcano are located in Jalisco State. The volcano is located 301 miles or 485 km west of Mexico.

Facts about Colima Volcano 8: the place of living

The area around Colima Volcano is inhabited by several people. You can find 300,000 inhabitants who live 25 miles or 40 km off the Colima Volcano. There is no need to wonder that it is one of the dangerous places to live due to the active volcano. Get facts about Blue Ridge Mountain here.

Facts about Colima Volcano

Facts about Colima Volcano

Facts about Colima Volcano 9: the active cone

The large caldera features the active cone of Colima Volcano. The people believed that it was formed because of large eruptions and landslides in the past. Get facts about Brecon Beacons here.

Facts about Colima Volcano 10: Colima Volcano in Pleistocene era

In Pleistocene era, Colima Volcano experienced an enormous landslide. The landslide deposits covered around 2,200 km square area of the volcano.

Colima Volcano Eruption

Colima Volcano Eruption

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