10 Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt

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Let me inform you with the notable American business magnate and philanthropist on Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt. Some people often call him Commodore Vanderbilt.  He earned the amazing wealth because of the railroad and shipping business. Vanderbilt was born on 27th May 1794 and died on 4th January 1877. Here are some interesting facts about Vanderbilt to notice:

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 1: was he from a rich family?

If you think that Vanderbilt was from a rich family, you are wrong. He was born in a poor family. Due to his amazing intelligence, hard work, perseverance and luck, he could become a wealthy man in America.

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 2: the inland water trade

Before he took position in the railroad industry, he earned an important position in the inland water trade.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Facts

Cornelius Vanderbilt Facts

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 3: the railroad

One of the famous projects of Vanderbilt is the construction of New York Central Railroad.

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 4: the rich person

Due to his amazing wealth that he earned from shipping and railroad industry, he was considered as one of the wealthiest men in America. The Vanderbilt University was established by him too.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Image

Cornelius Vanderbilt Image

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 5: the family of Vanderbilt

The life of the Vanderbilt in America began when his great-great-grandfather migrated to New York from De Bilt in Utrecht, Netherlands. He was Jan Aertson or Aertszoon who worked as a farmer.  When he came to New York in 1650, he worked as indentured servant.

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 6: the place of birth of Vanderbilt

The place of birth of Vanderbilt was in Staten Island, New York.  His mother was Phebe Hand and his father was Cornelius van Derbilt.

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 7: as a boy

When Vanderbilt was a boy, he worked in the ferry of his father. When he was 11 years old, he left school. He decided to begin the ferry service when he was 16 years. Find facts about Chris Hadfield here.

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 8: marriage

Sophia Johnson and Vanderbilt married on 19th December 1813.  She was the first cousin of Vanderbilt.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Pictures

Cornelius Vanderbilt Pictures

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 9: the children

There were 13 children that Vanderbilt and Sophia Johnson had. Some of them were Maria Louisa Vanderbilt, Mary Alicia Vanderbilt, George Washington Vanderbilt and Phebe Jane Vanderbilt. Find facts about Clementine Churchill here.

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt 10: the railroads controlled Vanderbilt

There are several railroads controlled Vanderbilt such as Michigan Central Railroad, New York and Harlem Railroad, New York Central Railroad and West Shore Railroad.

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt

Facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt

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