10 Facts about Countee Cullen

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Facts about Countee Cullen give the detail information about the well known American poet and author. He was born on 30th May 1903 and died on 9th January 1946. During the Harlem Renaissance, Cullen was considered as a prominent figure. When we talk about the birth date of Cullen, it is not exact because of different accounts. But it was reasonable to state that he was born in 1903. Check other facts about Cullen below:

Facts about Countee Cullen 1: the place of birth

Due to the lack of information about his early life, people speculate that Cullen was born in Lexington, Kentucky or New York, Baltimore. However, the widow of Cullen stated that Lexington was his birthplace.

Facts about Countee Cullen 2: the early life of Cullen

The information stated that a woman named Ms Porter raised him since he was neglected by his biological mother. It was speculated that Ms Porter was his paternal grandmother. When Cullen was 9 years old, Ms Porter took him to Harlem. In 1918, she passed away.

Countee Cullen Facts

Countee Cullen Facts

Facts about Countee Cullen 3: adoption

After the death of Ms Porter, Reverend and Mrs Frederick A. Cullen adopted him. Get facts about Cornelia Funke here.

Facts about Countee Cullen 4: The Reverend

Who was The Reverend? Salem Methodist Episcopal Church was established by The Reverend. He was a local minister.

Facts about Countee Cullen

Facts about Countee Cullen

Facts about Countee Cullen 5: the education of Cullen

Cullen was educated in The Bronx at DeWitt Clinton High School. His main skill was writing poetry even though he also earned great academic result.

Facts about Countee Cullen 6: the amazing time in high school

When Cullen was in the high school, he was elected the vice president of his class, appointed as the editor of the weekly newspaper and elected in the honor society. Check facts about Conrad Richter here.

Countee Cullen Young

Countee Cullen Young

Facts about Countee Cullen 7: the graduation

Cullen got the honors in Mathematics, Greek, French and Latin when he graduated in January 1922.

Facts about Countee Cullen 8: the university time

Cullen was awarded with the second prize during the Witter Bynner undergraduate poetry contest after he was enrolled in New York University. The title of his poem was The Ballad of the Brown Girl.

Countee Cullen Pictures

Countee Cullen Pictures

Facts about Countee Cullen 9: Harvard

Cullen wanted to earn a master in English. Thus, he studied in Harvard in 1925. He and Ida Mae Robertson married in 1940. In 1946, he passed away because of the high blood pressure and uremic poisoning.

Facts about Countee Cullen 10: the work collection of Cullen

Some works of Cullen include Harlem Wine 1926, Any Human to Another (1934), The Medea and Some Other Poems (1935) and One Way to Heaven (1931).

Countee Cullen Image

Countee Cullen Image

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