10 Facts about Cornelia Funke

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Facts about Cornelia Funke inform you with the famous writer of the children’s fiction from Germany.  The famous book of Funke is Inkheart.  In 2004 until 2008, the trilogy was published. She was born in Dorsten, North Rhine-Westphalia on 10th December 1958. There are many books of Funke translated into English.  Check other interesting facts about Funke in the below post:

Facts about Cornelia Funke 1: the place of living

Even though Funke is from Germany, now she lives in Beverly Hills, California.

Facts about Cornelia Funke 2: the genres of her books

Most books written by Funke are related to adventure or even fantasy genres. There are around 20 million copies of books by Funke in the world. Find facts about Cormac McCarthy here.

Cornelia Funke Author

Cornelia Funke Author

Facts about Cornelia Funke 3: the early life

The parents of Funke are Karl-Heinz and Helmi Funke. Talking about her education, Funke attended University of Hamburg to study pedagogy. When she was a child, she was interested to become a pilot or astronaut.

Facts about Cornelia Funke 4: the early work

The early work of Funke was as a social worker for 3 years. It made her have a lot of experience to know more about the life of the kids with deprived backgrounds. Check facts about Chinua Achebe here.

Facts about Cornelia Funke

Facts about Cornelia Funke

Facts about Cornelia Funke 5: writing books

She started writing her own books after she was inspired by the stories of the kids that she worked with.

Facts about Cornelia Funke 6: the children series

The children series that Funk wrote which made her earn great reputation in Germany were Gespensterjäger (Ghosthunters) and Wilde Hühner (C.H.I.X.) in the end of 1980s and 1990s. Both were fantasy.

Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke

Facts about Cornelia Funke 7: the nickname

Funke is very famous in Germany. There is no need to wonder that she was called The J.K. Rowling of Germany. In 2002, Herr der Diebe was the first book of hers translated into English as The Thief Lord.

Facts about Cornelia Funke 8: the Thief Lord

The Thief Lord takes the second place in Best Seller List of The New York Times.

Cornelia Funke Picture

Cornelia Funke Picture

Facts about Cornelia Funke 9: Inkheart

Inkheart was published in 2003. It made her earned BookSense Book of the Year Children’s Literature award in 2004.

Facts about Cornelia Funke 10: the personal life

In 1981, Funke and Rolf Frahm married. He was a printer.  In 1989, they had their daughter, Anna. Then in 1994, the couple had their son, Ben. In May 2005, the family decided to move to Beverly Hill. His husband died because of cancer in March 2006.

Cornelia Funke Facts

Cornelia Funke Facts

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