10 Facts about Crayons

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Find out useful information about a stick of colored material that people use to draw or write on Facts about Crayons. It can be made of charcoal, colored wax, and chalk. An oil pastel is a term used to call a crayon created from an oiled chalk. You can call the crayon as a pastel stick if it is made of a dry binder.  The crayon created from the colored hardened grease is called as Chinese marker or a grease pencil. Here are other interesting facts about crayons to note:

Facts about Crayons 1: the other types of crayons

Actually there are many types of crayon that you can get on the stores. You can have the pastel or oil pastel one. If you want the water soluble crayons, you can choose the watercolor crayons.

Facts about Crayons 2: the benefits of using crayons

Many people like to use crayons for drawings for they are easy to work with. The price of the crayons is various. You can get the cheapest ones into the most expensive ones depending on the quality of the crayons.



Facts about Crayons 3: comparison with markers and paints

If you compare the usage of paints, markers and crayons, the latter one is less disturbing due to the easy application.

Facts about Crayons 4: the colors

Crayons are sold in a set which consists of various colors. You can have red, pink, blue, soft blue, orange, black, brown and other interesting colors. Most of them are made of non toxic materials. Get facts about contemporary art here.

Crayons Pic

Crayons Pic

Facts about Crayons 5: the blunt point

The crayons have the blunt point, not sharp point. Thus, they are safe to be used by the kids. The professional artists and students like to use crayons.

Facts about Crayons 6: the material and size

The crayon produced in the modern English speaking world is made of paraffin wax or petroleum. The standard length of crayons is 89 mm or 3.5 inches. Check colour theory facts here.

Facts about Crayons

Facts about Crayons

Facts about Crayons 7: how to create crayons

Crayons are made of paraffin wax.  This wax will be heated and cooled. The dye will be added in the wax.

Facts about Crayons 8: the usage of paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is only used to create crayons. People also use it to produce candles, cosmetics, fruit preserving, printing ink, lubricants and pharmaceutical industries.



Facts about Crayons 9: Franklin Mfg. Co

In 1876, Franklin Mfg. Co was established in Rochester, New York. This company sold and produced wax crayons.

Facts about Crayons 10: Eberhard Faber Pencil Company

In 1861, John Eberhard Faber established Eberhard Faber Pencil Company. In the past, it was called Eberhard Faber Pencil Company.

Crayon Colors

Crayon Colors

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