10 Facts about Developing Countries

Wednesday, August 24th 2016. | Economy

If you want to know the third world countries in the world, check Facts about Developing Countries. They are considered as the countries with low HDI or Human Development Index and less developed industries. The other names of developing countries include underdeveloped countries or less developed countries. The higher growth rates have been spotted as new trend in the developing countries since the end of 1990s.

Facts about Developing Countries 1: the universal definition

There is no exact universal definition related to the developed and developing countries.

Facts about Developing Countries 2: the general definition

The general definition which differentiates the developed and developing countries is seen from the GDP per capita of the nation. Find facts about debt here.

Developing Countries facts

Developing Countries facts

Facts about Developing Countries 3: criticism

The term developing country has been criticized because it puts the developing countries in the inferior position because the developed ones are considered as the superior countries.

Facts about Developing Countries 4: the countries which do not follow the model

The countries which do not follow any model of developing and developed countries include Bhutan and Cuba.

Developing Countries Images

Developing Countries Images

Facts about Developing Countries 5: Walt Whitman Rostow

Walt Whitman Rostow was one of the authors who stated that the transition from the traditional to the modern lifestyles marked the beginning of the developing countries. The trend was spotted from the first time in 18th and 19th centuries in Industrial Revolution.

Facts about Developing Countries 6: the various terms

There are various terms of developing countries. They include the least economically developed country, least developed country, less economically developed country and less developed country. Find facts about debit cards here.

Developing Countries Pictures

Developing Countries Pictures

Facts about Developing Countries 7: the factors

There are three primary factors which define the developing countries. The people who live in the developing countries have less money, less education and lower life expectancy.

Facts about Developing Countries 8: the income groups

There are four income groups classified by the world banks. The low income countries are defined with GNI per capita of US$1,025 or less.

Developing Countries

Developing Countries

Facts about Developing Countries 9: the development of countries

The statistical indexes are used to measure the development of a country. They include the literacy rate, life expectancy, and income per capita.

Facts about Developing Countries 10: the geography

There are two primary types of developing countries based on the geography. Both are the landlocked developing countries and small island developing countries.

Facts about Developing Countries

Facts about Developing Countries

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