10 Facts about Distillation

Wednesday, September 21st 2016. | Chemistry

Facts about Distillation will tell the readers on how to separate the component substances by using the selective condensation and evaporation processes from a liquid mixture. The people can get pure component by conducting distillation. But this process is flexible since you can also conduct a partial separation on the component substances. Therefore, the partial one may improve the component’s concentration. Here are other useful facts about distillation to notice:

Facts about Distillation 1: chemical or physical process?

If you think that distillation is a chemical reaction, you are wrong. It is included as a physical separation process.

Facts about Distillation 2: the importance of distillation

Distillation is an important process for it has been applied in various commercial industries. The process is seen in the fermented, chemical, or even fossil fuel industry.

distillation facts

distillation facts

Facts about Distillation 3: the separation of air

Do you know that distillation can be applied to separate air? Some people think that it is only applied in liquid mixture. The industries often get argon, nitrogen and oxygen from the distillation process.

Facts about Distillation 4: the fossil fuel industry

The fossil fuel industry is one of the major commercial businesses in the world. The chemical feedstocks and fuels can be gained from the crude oil by applying distillation.

facts about distillation

facts about distillation

Facts about Distillation 5: fermented products

The fermented products are also made by using the distillation process. The industry can get the drinks with higher content of alcohol. The distillery is used to call the distillation’s installation specifically for alcohol. The still is used to call the equipment of distillation.

Facts about Distillation 6: the divisions of distillation application

There are four groups which divide the application of distillation. They are the food processing, herbal distillate, industrial distillation and laboratory distillation.

distillation pictures

distillation pictures

Facts about Distillation 7: the herbal distillate

Herbal distillate is intended for the distillation in medicinal and perfumery which apply the usage of herbs.  Check facts about covalent bonds here.

Facts about Distillation 8: the laboratory and industrial scale

The industrial distillation is performed continuously. On the other hand, the batch-wise performance is spotted for the laboratory scale distillation.



Facts about Distillation 9: the industrial distillation

Industrial distillation covers several applications. They include the steam, extractive, azeotropic, vacuum, batch and continuous fractional distillations.

Facts about Distillation 10: distillation tower

Due to the extensive usage of distillation for the large scale industries, the distillation tower is made. The feed as well as the desired product will affect the operation and design of a distillation tower. Find facts about cracking hydrocarbon here.

distillation facts

distillation facts

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