10 Facts about Boron

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Facts about Boron talk about the element in the periodic table with the atomic number 5. Boron is symbolized with B. Boron is not abundant in the Earth’s crust and Solar system because this element is produced by cosmic ray spallation. If you are interested to find out more interesting facts about Boron, check out the following post below:

Facts about Boron 1: the borate minerals

The naturally occurring compounds of boron are available in borate minerals. The people mine the borate minerals to make kernite and borax.

Facts about Boron 2: the largest producer of boron minerals?

Can you tell me the largest producer of boron minerals? They are Turkey. This country is also the home of the largest proven boron deposits.

Boron Picture

Boron Picture

Facts about Boron 3: the pure boron

The pure boron can be produced industrially but it is very difficult to do. The main barriers likes on the refractory materials produced by boron during the process.

Facts about Boron 4: allotropes

Boron has several allotropes. The black color is found on the crystalline boron. The brown powder is on the amorphous boron.

Facts about Boron

Facts about Boron

Facts about Boron 5: the hardness

Based on the Mohs scale, boron has 9.5.  There is no need to wonder that this element is extremely hard.

Facts about Boron 6: boron at the room temperature

If boron is kept at the room temperature, it is only a poor conductor. Get bismuth facts here.



Facts about Boron 7: the main usage of Boron

The industry creates the boron filaments from boron. It is also used to produce the boron containing fiberglass that people use to form the structural materials as well as the insulation materials.

Facts about Boron 8: other major uses of boron

Boron is also the main component to create the fertilizer.  The industries also use boron to create the boron ceramics and polymers. The thermal shock resistance is higher in borosilicate glass glassware. More than 70 percent of boron in United States is used to produce ceramics and glass.

Boron Facts

Boron Facts

Facts about Boron 9: the minor uses

There are several minor uses of boron.   The scientists sometimes used boron for their pharmaceutical study. The usage of boron is also seen on the boron containing reagents and dopant for semiconductors. Find out Beryllium facts here.

Facts about Boron 10: the importance of born in the life of plants

The life of plants also depends on boron. The plants need boron in the soil for it can be used to strengthen the cell walls of plants. There is no need to wonder that boron is used as the chemical element in the fertilizer.

Boron Element

Boron Element

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